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Garlic is one of the vital cooking ingredients in every kitchen around the orb. Although unpopular with some people who do not particularly go for the pungent smell that lingers in the mouth and hands too (while peeling or chopping), garlic is the seasoning that best brings out the exquisite flavors of meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. No garlicky odor in your hands at least with this latest Garlic-it gizmo. Garlic-it is a pioneering Electric Garlic Peeler by home appliance maker Tichum for peeling garlic cloves in simpler and easier way. This revolutionary cooking tool peels the skin of cloves of garlic in seconds without leaving any odors on your hands……so you need not worry about your boyfriend or hubby kissing your smooth hands.

With Garlic-it you don’t need to smack garlic cloves with the back of a kitchen knife or to soak them in warm water. You just have to break the garlic head and this versatile gadget will quickly peel the skin off a lot of cloves of garlic at once. Though this device can crush ice too and can be used as a beverage shaker, we’re sure that the garlic odor will linger in them too (unless you have planned garlic infused cocktail). Moreover this machine also chops the peeled garlic and all other vegetables and mixes the ingredients effectively!
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