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It is true that most of the Windows program users have switched to Vista or the newest version, Windows 7, but there are still people using XP versions (Home and Professional) and so, gadgets are available for them also. Gadgets are mini program that offer you certain information and also give you a glance about the frequently used tools. Also, the Windows sidebar helps you in organizing your gadgets and devices.

The Windows Sidebar is a pane that usually appears on the right side of your Microsoft desktop (or screen) used in order to keep your gadgets and gizmos well organized and daily available. Also, if the right side doesn’t suit you best, you can always customize the Sidebar and put it on your preferred location, such as always on op feature or sitting below maximized windows. The gadgets ones uses can have a wide angle of possible uses, so that they can connect to the Internet in order to deliver business data, weather information, the newest updates or traffic zone mapes, provide you with the best radio stream and much more. They can also interact with other programs in order to provide you streamlined entertainment. As already people can see with the clear eye from the Internet, the most gadgets available online and for free support the Vista operational system or the newly released Windows 7. As some users might be a little more traditionalist (or have rather old desktops). not everybody uses the vista version or the windows 7, but features can be found available for all windows users, no matter the year or the version they are running.


As stated before, the Windows Sidebar and Gadgets featured with Windows Vista looks much alike the widgets introduced for the Mac OS 10 or the desktop bar included with Google Desktop Search or the Yahoo! now deskbar.

This gadgets feature calendars, sticky notes, clock, weather news available, music players or even a running slideshow of some of your favorite photos and loads more.


As the sleek Windows Vista Sidebar is part of the Vista feature and does not run as a separate product, sites like have released a similar sidebar for the Windows XP OS that looks and works alike its sister’s Vista Sidebar, all free of charge of course.

Some of the most used free gadgets for windows XP are integrated in a set called Crystal Gadgets for Windows XP and Vista, and it includes the following:

-Gadget Watch
-Gadget Calendar
-Gadget Calculator
-Search engine and busola

Also,the newly released 2010 version, the Windows XP Gadgets for this year include:

-Glassy TimeTime
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