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New inventions and gadgets are continously appearing due to people’s curiosity and willingness to improve their lifestyle and make their activities easier and more enjoyable. I selected some cool inventions I liked very much and I think that you will like too, and maybe even purchase, if you are a gadget fan!

Camping is an oportunity to get away from the cosmopolitan worlds, and have some quality relaxation time, without any form of technology, in a natural environment, using only products from mother nature. So, basically, camping is a sort of escape from technological world, but (there is a but) Orange has developed a solar powered tent, which can be the exception in your camping excursions. It seems to be the “tent of the future” and it ensures the all the electronics you take with you, including the gadgets, will work. In cooperation with some American design consultants for products, Kaleidoscope, they created this modern tent which transforms the solar energy into electric power for our gadgets, through a pouch which uses wireless charging.

This “wonder tent” has also an integrated geolocation technology, which is very useful in the situations when the campers loose the tent. They can send a SMS to their tent and tell him to glow more, so it becomes more visible and easily to find. It has also a control panel which shows the amount of the generated energy and the consumed amount. The great feature on this tent is that it has a heating system, which starts working after the temperature inside the tent drops below a previously set up level. This invention brings camping to a new level, which seems to be the future of this “natural” activity. So, from now on, you can adapt your camping excursions to the presence of the intelligent tent.
And if you are going camping, and also looking for treasures, or for gold in the waters of the rivers, than you shouldn’t miss the metal detecting sandals. They are not actually a trend setter, but they are more interesting for people who really need to detect metals, and they don’t have to carry the large pole around with them. The sandals have a small attachment, a small black box, which can be strapped around your leg, and hidden under the trouser. One of the sandals, the right one, has a copper coil, which is powered by the battery strapped around your leg, and when the sandals approach within 2′ to a metal object, a vibration will be emitted, or a noise, either a light will be flashed to announce you the presence of a metal object close to your legs.The sandals require a 9V battery which will supply 6 hours of functioning; they cost $59.95 and you can find them at Hammacher and Schlemmer, and they can be purchase by both men and women.


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