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If you want the accessory you are wearing on your hand to do more than showing the time, maybe then you should think about purchasing a gadget watch. These gadgets bring the idea of supreme functionality and combine it with an appealing design, and they also offer the users an extreme comfort and ease of use. These watches will become in short time your best friends, with their wide palette of extra functions.There are already a lot of watches in the market which will do some tricks, will count your steps, will track you via GPS or they will calculate the square of a number in a blink.

The Personal Bracelet Tracker watch is a great idea for those who really need to be tracked, not naughty husbands, but climbers or people without any other ways of communication. It integrates more methods to track you, and it seems it already is popular, but there aren’t news about availability on the market.

Surprisingly, Casio offers a magic watch which performs magic tricks. This watch shows you the time, and in the same time can perform 5 magic tricks, like guessing the card. The most complaints about this watch were about the fact that Casio doesn’t deliver along with the watch a saw for chopping the friends in halves. You can buy this watch for 80 dollars and it comes with a deck of cards.

You can wear at your hand music and videos with the new Wrist Watch 1GB/MP4/MP3 USB with 1.8 inch OLED screen, which supports MP3, WMA and MP4, and it provides up to 9 hours of playback of music. Adjustment of the sound volume can be made by the six presets of the EQ and is also supports NX-AVI video format. The watch is secured to the wrist with a rubber strap, and it is very comfortable for wearing.

If you always wanted to talk to your watch, like famous spies did, now you can do that with a Phone Watch, Unlocked, which is Tri Band and has Touch Screen. This gadget is created in a sporty style, it is compatible with USA network companies, and it works with cards from Cingular, T-mobile, AT&T and others. All you have to do, if you buy it, is to install the SIM card, and the watch the watch recognizing your network, phone book and personal settings. It also has a 1.3” TFT-LCD color Touchscreen, and the files supported can be SMS, MMS, WAP, MP3 and MP4, just to mention the most well known types.

Suunto Observer SR Wrist-Top Computer Watch has an altimeter, a barometer and a compass, and it is a very functional and comfortable gaget which offers a huge range of functions.It has a beautiful design, and a durable construction. Made of stainless steel, which is lightweight, is can be secured to the wrist with a elastic strap. On the top you can observe its masculine design, and this wonderful gadget integrates an altimeter, a barometer, a digital compass, a thermometer and a stopwatch with alarm. This watch gadget is also 100-meters water resistant and it has backlight function. Moreover, it is PC compatible.

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