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If you look up the word “gadget” in a dictionary, you will find the definition of a rater small technical object that is more or less useful, but which is no doubt, very new at the time it is invented. It is considered total novelty and usually has small dimensions. You can find such gadgets or gizmos in more fields of activity, like industry, technology, carpentry, and even in the IT department, as some people invented web gadgets which are web applications that are able to find out and display the number of visitors for a web site or the IP of a visitor and so on. I am certain you all remember tha gadget used by Inspector Gadget in the movie with the same title, when he used to take out of his pockets all kinds of devices and little things that proved to be very useful in his attempts of catching the bad guys.

Well, nowadays there are a lot of stores, online or not, that sell all kinds of gadgets and when they want to advertise their products , they use gadget catalogs. Some of these stores sell only gadgets, but some only have them as unusual items for sale . However, all these stores make catalogs with their products, with the special offers and discounts and the very good quality of their products and so on. These catalogs are sent to the potential customers either in the mail or by email, in electronic format.

Some of the items advertised in these gadget catalogs can be very useful, even though a bit unusual, like the inflatable water slide for your kids when you go to the seaside or to the pool or the solar elephant light light that charges its batteries from the sun light during the daytime and uses it to light your nights with only the amount of light needed to show you the way around the house. But some of these gadgets are rather funny, being used mainly as nice gifts for your friends with a sense of humor: candles that will keep burning no matter how hard you blow them, itching powder, plastic toys that look like vomit and so on.

I took some time to look at these gadget catalogs and I must admit that I found a lot of attractive offers and very useful items that seem like very obvious solutions to our everyday problems, but you never thought of them. Here are some examples: belt and tie supports that look like a hook with a wheel attached to one end where you can place all your belts and ties in a vertical position, saving a lot of space this way and also keeping them safe, cloth organizer with lots of pockets for the items in your closet, office, children room or bathroom, an atomic talking watch, lighted umbrella and a lot of other funny things.

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