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I think that many people like gadgets which make our lives easier and help us do a lot of things in easier are funnier ways. Here I have gathered some future gadgets, which I think that will be produced on large scales in short times.

I like very much toast bread, and I don’t like that some toasters’ timer doesn’t work well, or the bread isn’t prepared just the way I like it. I found this transparent toaster, which lets you see while it is toasting, and this is how you know when is the moment to take it out, and never again let it become too dark. This toaster is based on a transparent glass heating technology, and currently is still under development, to find the perfect glass formula to toast your bread. The idea has been developed by The Inventables Concept Studio and has a great future on the kitchen gadgets’ market.


Nokia has discovered, for its products, an innovative way to charge phones themselves, without any wires. The system is like this: the phone harvests radio waves in the air, and it converts the energy in the wave into power for phone’s functioning time. These waves, found in the air are derived from various places, like TVs, computers, mobile phones and radios, of course.  The phone which recharges itself is still under develpment and it can harvest 5 milli watts at a time, which is for sure not enough to power a phone. The company hopes to improve the system, in order for the phone to harvest 20 mw in the near future, bringing it to the normal idea of phone users about charging. This gadget doesn’t have any release date scheduled, but we hope it will be brought on the market in 4-5 years.


The LCD you see in the lower image is a curved 43 inch LCD, manufactured by NEC. It has a 2880×900 resolution, and a refresh rate of 0.02 ms, and its contrast ratio is 10.000:1. IT has also USB and HDMI ports, but the price is at a quite high level for now: $8000. Anyway, we can think that future TV’s will have this form and it is pretty cool, because this LCD type sews together 4 smaller displays, and allows the unique and elegant curve. NED’s competitor, Alienware, has developed another version, with equal specifications, but which measures with 5 inches more in length. This idea of curved display was, at the beginning, developed for businesses or customers who wanted giant displays in their homes, or for their computers. Even if now, in the beginning of its life cycle as a product on the market, has a higer price, I am sure that in time, the price will go down and it will reach the level of normal LCD displays and plasmas.


The Intelligent Spoon comes to help a lot of housewives to prepare the pickles, or to make the chefs avoid tasting every food they prepare. This spoon has sensors for temperature, acidity, viscosity and salinity. You can download the data gathered by the spoon onto a computer, via a cable.

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