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he kitchen is the place where we spend a long time. It is gathering the whole family together, it gathers friends and it’s the place that maintains many discussions between us. The kitchen isn’t anymore that old, dark and narrow place, but is an open space, which has a contact with the dining room or living room.

Nowadays the kitchen has many new appliances of high technology and many gadgets.

In the next lines some of these gadgets will be presented to us and if you need some new appliances or some funny kitchen gadgets for your kitchen you will know where to choose from.

In every kitchen you must have a saltcellar. Most of these things are everyday and they don’t invite you to use them. You can change this by buying The Rubik’s Cube Salt & Pepper Mills. It is very colorful and it remains us about the days when the Rubik’s Cube was fashionable and everyone had one and tried to put the colors together. You can buy this funny kitchen gadget with only $14.99


Every woman knows that in the kitchen precision is vital. With this spoon scale you can measure your dry or your wet ingredients. You can scoop out the right amount of salt, sugar or flour for your cakes or cookies. This kitchen gadget can help also the men in the women life to get in touch with his kitchen talents.

Every man has a computer and has his favorite programs at the television in the living room, what if you had a kitchen computer? Maybe you could make him to spend more time in the kitchen with you and also you could learn him some of your favorite recipes.

The mane of this kitchen gadget is QOOQ, the kitchen computer. It has 10 videos recipes, and you can also connect the gadget to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet and as a consumer you can subscribe to updates for more and more recipes. The gadget has also a shopping list marker and a meal planner that can help you before cooking. A negative aspect is that the kitchen computer doesn’t have an Internet Browser, but you can get internet radio stations, get weather information, update recipes and if you have great family photos you can use it as a digital picture frame.


The kitchen computer has an onscreen keyboard and a 10.2 inch touchscreen. Don’t worry about the boiling sauces and all the mess in the kitchen when you are cooking something because QOOQ is protected by a glass screen that can be wiped off with a dishcloth.

If you buy this product you should know that it costs 350 euros and if you want to update the recipes that will cost you 13 euros/month. The kitchen computer comes with 500 interactive and preloaded recipes but they are all written in French.

When you are baking or cooking something you always get your hands full of salt, pepper, flour or anything else and it I very hard to turn on the faucet without putting some of the dirt on it. It is very easy to do this with Pilar faucet, because all you have to do is to touch it and the faucet turns on immediately. When you touch the handle or the spout it will sense the touch and torn on. This kitchen gadget can be found in two different forms: one is the stainless steel version and the other is a chrome finish. This faucet is very “intelligent” if we can say it this way, because it’s able to know the difference between a grab and a touch. This means that when you want to adjust the water temperature, the faucet can sense that you want to do that and it won’t turn the water on and off.

Most of us want to live a healthy life; we are aware of what we eat and what we drink. The water is the healthiest drink we can find on the market, but the bottled water can become expensive, and it would be cheaper to use the water that comes out of our faucet at home.

On the market you can find the Colorful Smart Water Systems that keeps your water sanitary. The system takes your tap water and makes it even better than the bottled water that you can buy from the store. This product gives you both cold and hot water; you don’t have to worry about any dirt, algae, bacteria or dust because it is a sealed unit.


The Colorful Smart Water Systems can be found in various colors and in different sizes so you can blend it in the kitchen.

The hot plates are going hi-tech. The future of the hot plates is Cookstop, this is a new gadget you can find on the market. This hot plate needs a magnetic connection to heat (this means that you have to put a pan on it to turn it on), it is very fast and safe to use. If you take the pan from it, for example, it will stop the heating and after about 30 seconds it will turn itself off completely if you are not using it again. It has different heating levers and you can choose what temperatures you want the hot pan to have. This gadget does not heat the air around the heating element so you can touch the pan even if the pan is on.

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