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Till Coke launches calorie- burning Enviga in the market, we give you another option to tone up your figure. Those of you, who like to turn your hands to something new, why not try this latest Flexibar from Germany. Everyone, from youthful to athletes to the elderly can use the FLEXI-BAR to achieve results. If you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in improving your fitness, then the FLEXI-BAR is for you. For the recent mothers, it will aid toning up abs, post pregnancy. Originally used as a physiotherapist’s rehabilitation tool, the FLEXI-BAR is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who want to keep their core muscles in peak condition.

Versatility is the FLEXI-BAR’s middle name. The bar can be used while standing, balancing, kneeling, sitting, lying, or moving, making it the ultimate piece of core training equipment in the gym, with a personal training client, for injury rehabilitation, or for use at home. The action of shaking the bar is the key to the FLEXI-BAR’s effectiveness. When we shake the Flexi-bar, we start to make the muscles in the back and abdominals work. This work means that more blood flows to the muscles, bringing much needed oxygen, and taking away muscle waste products. The end results are stronger, more efficient core muscles that keep your back stable and pain free! Whether you use it for strength and endurance training, or for specific rehabilitation purposes, the FLEXI-BAR is unbeatable for its resourcefulness.
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