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Adding a dash of comic-ness to any gadget (however monotonous) will fetch a big grin on our face. In the pursuit to make our gizmos look more hip and add some innovative functionality to them, Pez Dispensers allows you to customize your own USB sticks. In this particular form, the idea is to use PEZ candy dispensers as a case for flash memory devices. PEZ Candy Inc has tons of different kinds of PEZ dispensers’ designs. The fundamental dispenser works the same in every unit but the “head” of the dispenser can have different themes. For example Star Wars cast, The Incredibles cast, trucks, cartoon characters, cows etc.

Despite being manufactured on a large scale and having a wide-spread distribution, Pez Dispensers are still the perfect kind of pop-cultural objet d’art that never seems to lose cachet. With all the various kinds of Pez dispensers that have been made throughout the decades, you could score big with a particularly funny or rare piece.
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