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We can talk about famous gadgets without talking about iPod and iPhone. Beside these gadgets, other famous gadgets can the: the lava lamp, the stress ball and PDAs.

Apple iPhone is a gadget that gives you everything you need in communication technology. Thanks to its video camera you can make pictures or movies and you can download them into your computer and send them your friends or edit them. The latest Apple iPhone – the iPhone 3GS – have features like: Voice Control, you can cut, paste or copy into a document, compass, maps, calendar, calculator, virtual keyboard and many more. The great thing about this famous gadget is that it is accessible; this doesn’t mean that an iPhone is cheap, because it is not but everyone knows that state-of-the art technology comes with a price. You will find that this famous gadget is indispensable is you are a business person and you travel al lot. Apple iPhone will help you keep track of your office work, even if you are not in the office, you can send and receive mails and you will always know were you are thanks to iPhone’s GPS feature.


Everyone knows what an iPhone can do and if you ever get bored in some meeting or get bored on your way to the office, you can always download a movie from iTunes and watch it. Why is this phone a famous gadget? Because it revolutionary phone: comes with a beautiful 3.5-inch touchscreen display, wireless technology, GPS, Bluetooth technology, games, accelerometer feature, maps and great applications.

Apple iPod is the best MP3 player you can find and you have a lot to choose from when it comes to Apple iPod: iPod shuffle, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic. If you don/t need an mp3 player with a screen, you need one just for the high quality music then iPod shuffle is for you. The iPod shuffle comes in 5 colors: black, blue, gray, red and green and you have to choose from 2GB of storage or 4GB of storage. You don’t need a screen with this mp3 player because it has an amazing feature that tells you the name of the artist and the song that is currently playing.


If you like this famous gadget and you want one, try the Apple Store where you will find an exclusive iPod shuffle in a special edition with polished stainless steel.

iPod nano is more than a simple mp3 player, because it can take pictures, can record and you can play a lot of funny games on it. You also have live FM radio and you will find it in 2 types: the first has 8GB of memory and the second has 16GB of memory.

iPod classic has the biggest memory of 160GB of storage from all iPods. You can also watch movies, podcasts, TV shows or you can listen to audiobooks or music. You can choose from 2 colors: sliver or black and it retails at $249 on Apple Store.


iPod touch retails at $199 with 8GB of storage on Apple Store. As the name implies, it has a touchscreen display and it can be a cool pocket computer, because you can surf the web, you can watch movies or videos, you can chat with your friends and many more. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology and wireless technology you will always stay connected to what is important.

The next famous gadget is the lava lamp. Lava lamps can be found in many styles and colors. They are use more for decoration than for the light they produce. This famous gadget has an incandescent bulb and a glass bottle of transparent mix between carbon tetrachloride and wax and the rest is water. The process is very simple, the wax expands more than water in worm conditions and when this thing happens the wax becomes fluid and starts its way at the top of the lamp when a cooling process happens and then wax comes back down.


This famous gadget is used for relaxation after a hard day at work or at school. Depending on the size of the lamp, you can find lava lamps between $10.59 and $60.00. One place to look is and

The stress ball is a very malleable gadget made from foam rubber. This famous gadget doesn’t have more than 7 cm in diameter because it need’s to fit our hand. This gadget is not nice looking, but also useful because many stress balls are used in physical therapy to calm the patients down.  Despite the name of this gadget, you will find that many of them are not in a ball shape, so they are not spherical. You will find stress balls in the shape on an apple, or other amusing shapes or logos.

The website is the one where you will find many stress balls in many shapes and colors, for example: earth balls, figures, food and drinks, fruits, round stress balls, wild animals and more.


The name PDA is short from a personal digital assistant. This is not a computer, but a mobile device. As the name implies this is a device that will help you organize better your life by allowing you to hold contacts, take notes and surf the Internet and also use it as a mobile phone. They use virtual keyboard, wireless technology, Bluetooth technology, touch screen and more.

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