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I love me some candy. I’ve tried all sorts of candy. I travel far and wide for candy. I pilfer other people’s kitchens for candy. I’m a candy addict. But never before have a come across candy like this. It is USB EyeCandy. Name sounds intriguing enough, doesn’t it? Science says, “Each of your senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing) sends information to the brain at a different frequency. The brain determines where the sensorial information it receives comes from by the frequency at which it resonates, it can then process it in the appropriate way (e.g. turn sight information from the eyes into pictures in the mind).” Eye candy is based on this principle. It sends information from the tongue to the brain at the frequency that the eyes usually send visual information to the brain. This means that when you put the candy on your tongue, a series of images are seen in your head. You also have the option of choosing what image conjures up in your mind. A relaxing fish or socializing star or a meditative circle maybe?

Eye candy comes in a variety of 6 flavors. I hope they have cherry. Maybe someday we will have Eye Candy that starts off a TV inside your head.

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