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Microwave ovens made a pretty big impact in the 80’s and the 90’s. I’m still clueless when it comes to healthy food as related to microwaves, but I admit that it really saves you some time. Nowadays, these devices come in various sizes, although I haven’t yet seen a microwave oven that fits a French baguette. You know what I mean, those long and thin loaves of bread originating in France, which are sometimes used for super-sized hot-dogs and sandwiches. Well, I haven’t seen an oven for baguettes up until now, because designer Martin Zampach makes us an interesting proposition.


The designer claims that this is one-purpose microwave oven can be sued in small pubs or bars where one would enjoy a tasty baguette sandwich. You don’t really need to cook much. The sandwiches are often made of fresh ingredients, so all you need to do is warm things up.

Because of this, the controls are reduced to setting the time needed for heating and a single button – ‘Start.’ Control elements are placed in the left part of the microwave, and when time’s up you hear a ring. The design is specifically shaped to fit one baguette at a time and it comes with some cool blue neon lights. Another helpful feature is the inclusion of a special mounting device, which enables easy placement on walls or desks.

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