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People are different, excellently different, if I might say so. And their memory works in consequence. Some people bear in mind all sorts of information, whether significant or not. Some, on the other hand, can’t remember elementary stuff, like the names of people they’ve just met, numbers, addresses or routes leading to places they’ve been to for so many times.

I hate running into a person I’ve met on a certain occasion, some time ago, and finding myself in the position of having to introduce myself, once again, because the person didn’t bother to remember my name.


Well then, that’s why I love, on the other hand, writing about futuristic concept technology that everyone needs in the present. Moreover, this is the reason why I love this Ring ID. I have to mention that Ring ID isn’t the name of the device, as New York and Tokyo-based designer Hideaki Matsui didn’t officially named his concept product yet, but I had to name it somehow. This is the winning-work of “Nomad” Taiwan International Design Competition 2008.

But how does this wacky thing work? The concept is based on the necessity of managing and saving the information about the person that you just met. So, you have this ring and you store on it your personal information, such as email address, website, or even your phone number and address, if you want to get really personal.


The really cool part is that when you shake hands with someone else, also wearing the Ring ID, the rings on the fingers get close enough to operate so they begin to download all basic information about the ring owner. This ring works on both sides, so people exchange the information they’ve formerly provided. Then you can download the new info onto your computer on you Contacts list.

You have to agree that this is one hell of a device, which would have helped you in the past, when you had to meet dozens of new people. And when it came to getting in touch with them, you had to rummage in the great number of business cards you have on your desk. The Ring ID is still a concept at the moment, but wouldn’t you like to have one of these for yourself? I bet it would be a great help!

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