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It has been a public knowledge that sooner or later alternative energies will replace those conventional fossil fuel systems. And that includes near future’s automotive fuel systems. Despite the running debates about the potential of HHO, solar energy, wind, waves as future electricity, the main focus is still flowing around creating the best possible green energy for our future, and future of the next generation.


It was on the Smart Grid Exhibition, which was held in Tokyo on June 16-18 this year, Toshiba revealed its Charge Grid system that consists of a Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, Rapid Charger and Bidirectional Inverter.

Toshiba Charge Grid system also requires Photovoltaic Panels, known as solar panels to be installed on top of a building and of course presuming you have an Electric Vehicle in your garage.


While the target is those environmentally friendly transportation gadgets, the basic idea of Toshiba Grid Charge System is to put the surplus electricity generated from those Photovoltaic cells could be stored and used using Li-Ion batteries through a Rapid Charger technology.

The Bidirectional Inverter, on the other hand, plays as a connector between the Power Grid and the Li-Ion batteries. On nighttime, electricity harvested from the building’s power grid will be used to recharge the Li-Ion batteries.

No info when Toshiba is going to mass produce the Li-Ion batteries for Japan’s market, but let’s hope it will be soon enough when those electric vehicles begin to crawl on those busy roads of Tokyo city.

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