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Being on the threshold of winter should make us think a little bit more about the way we’re going to provide our homes with enough heat in order to create a cozy environment. But another issue we should be concerned about is the fact that, with the gas prices still unstable, it’s very important to monitor our thermostat. This isn’t a very pleasant thing to do, whatsoever, but thanks to all the smart home systems developed by ingenious manufacturers and available nowadays on the market, we can easily relieve this burden.

These smart home systems I was earlier talking about are a great helping hand when it comes to reducing energy costs by giving us real information about our home’s energy and making it easy to conserve. The only disadvantage of such a full home integration is that they are pretty expensive.

How about taking some smaller steps in order to make a big difference with the new Ecobee Smart Thermostat, a cool device that not only has a nice futuristic look compared to your current thermostat, but it also helps you save money on the power bill. This is a programmable thermostat that went to the next level and got even smarter. Ecobee has an integrated programmable smart thermostat provided with a WiFi-enabled touchscreen that automatically sets your household to conserve energy at the press of a button.

The thermostat is actually very easy to install and program, as you can use the touchscreen or the Internet. This way, you can get updates via Internet anytime, anywhere, so you can adjust you heating and cooling settings to fit better your energy-saving patterns. In addition, you’re connected to your utility company, which allows you to obtain alerts, updates and ways to reduce your bill by reducing your energy use.

This part of online functionality is what makes the device a whole lot more interesting, because when you’ve run out the door and suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to turn the heat off, just log onto their website and change your settings there. All you have to do is to register you Smart Thermostat on the Ecobee website in order to access its control panel from a web portal.

There’s also a “Quick Save” button, where the thermostat will automatically change the settings to optimize energy conservation, which means that the system will run based on what settings are optimal and efficient.

This device features a 3.5 inch color touch screen LCD display and promises to reduce 20 percent of energy consumed. Another option is the ZigBee (a home networking system standard) expansion slots in case you want to use the system for home automation in the future.

President and CEO Stuart Lombard said that “The Ecobee philosophy is ‘green made easy’! We can make a positive environmental impact if we make conservation a simple and easy choice”.

Ecobee is available for pre-order, with a delivery of estimated time of arrival of early 2009 and can be purchased for an amount of $385. The company says you’ll earn your investment back in energy savings within the first 12 to 18 months. There’s no doubt about it, this Ecobee device will complete your collection of smart home systems.

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