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For frustrated couples that seeking ways to have cute babies of their own, you could now try the newly invented device called DuoFertility, a sophisitacted electronic gadget developed by a UK-based Cambridge Temperature Concepts that will help to measure user’s body temperature in order to search for best ovulation period for a couple.


cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-duofertility-ovulation-detection-device-complete-setUnlike the invasive techniques such as vitro fertilization (IVF), or other complicated period calculations, DuoFertility system consists of a coin-sized sensor that will be placed discreetly under user’s arm with the help of an adhesive patch.

cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-duofertility-ovulation-detection-deviceThe sensor will automatically takes about 20,000 daily body temperature measurements within a thousandth of a degree. Temperature measurement is believed to offer up to 99 per cent of accuracy for ovulation period. The collected data will be transmitted wirelessly to a mouse-sized computer digital reader in order to help predict the ovulation period up to six days in advance.


cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-duofertility-ovulation-detection-device-pregnant-woman-holdingDuoFertility itself is an invention of Dr. Shamus Husheer, a leading scientist at Cambridge Temperature Concepts. Should you want to know how confidence the company towards its DuoFertility product? Cambridge Temperature Concepts has backed up the product with a 12-months money-back guarantee!

Inside the DuoFertility’s package you will find a USB cable, reader, adhesive patches, a sensor and user guide.

Price: GBP495.- [ approx. USD778.- ]

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