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What better way to get your product advertised than by, ‘in your face’ 3D. It really works, after watching the video; I actually went out and bought a Coke.

The advertising business is cut-throat and highly competitive, so in order to stay on top of its game, companies like Coke or TAG, will be looking for a distinct advantage in order to get that all important edge on its competitors.

Enter Dreamoc‘s 3D display by Realfiction, this unique 3D display provides an amazing combination of holographic-like, free floating video images, with a display of whatever product you intend to advertise.

Imagine the impact this would have it was in a jewellery store displaying a diamond ring or in a women’s shoe store showing of a pair of 3D Prada’s with fireworks going off around them?

The Dreamoc has an internet connection for remote access or even automated content updates.

However, at the moment there are no built in speakers, but you can hook a pair up via the external speaker output.


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