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It’s been a while since I’ve written my last article on a diamond-encrusted device, maybe because I got tired with all of those expensive products that regular people wouldn’t be able to buy not even in a couple of lifetimes. Though it might have come as a surprise for some people, along with the Apple iPhone and iPod has been released a wide range of accessories and other products to pair with your device, leaving us with lots of merchandises to sort through and evaluate.

This is the reason our eyes reached the point where they’re forced to see something like this: diamond-encrusted iPod earphone covers. Yes, you read this right, they’re some kind of precious covers. Actually, precious might not be the word, just because it’s not enough in order to express the astonishing price of $60,000. Ok, I agree, if you want some diamonds clipping onto your standard pair of iPod earphones, you should be open-handed, because this stones are known to be very expensive, but come on! $60,000?!

Industry veteran Steven Goldstein, the co-founder of Goldkenn and one of the great confectionery successes in duty free, is making his return to the sector with New-York based luxury accessories brand DEOS. Founded by jewellery designer Allison Lee Zeiss, DEOS offers interchangeable diamond- and crystal-encrusted earphone covers for the Apple iPod and iPhone.


DEOS earphones come in three collections – DEOS Diamond, CVRZ with Swarovski crystals and the CVRZ aluminum range – each targeting a particular price segment. If you run on a virtually unlimited bank account, then you should go after the diamond-studded earphones, made of titanium and encrusted with colored diamonds, yellow, pink and black. Each piece is handcrafted and hand-set – at a price. “With the titanium and diamond collection, the sky is the limit for people who are discerning and have the means to spend. The pieces are unique, the colors of the stones are perfect and wearing those earphones is definitely not for everyone. Yet they are not over flashy and show both good taste and wealth of the wearer”, Goldstein said.

The CVRZ crystal earphones are covered with hand-selected Swarovski crystal in a myriad of colors and it’s retailed at about $110 for the half-covered to $200 for the fully-covered line. As far as the CVRZ plain colored aluminum earphones, targeting “students and younger people who also want to make a fashion statement”, but don’t have the means in order to purchase the higher-end ranges, they are available for $20. One can choose between red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

Goldstein said that “today there are more than 152 million earphones in the world. It’s a marvelous way of making a fashion statement. When you meet someone, the person sees first your face and then looks at your ears. The range of earphone covers is perfect for all types of customers as Allison has made products for all price levels”. True, but in the context of these economic hard times, some down-to-earth prices for, well, down-to-earth devices would be just what the doctor ordered.

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