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You like to ride a lot with your motorcycle, to fell the wind in your hair (it is safer for you to wear a helmet but in the sunny and beautiful days you can do without) and to fell like you are the king of the road.

And you now that your motorcycle needs the best things which the market has to offer and it the next lines we will present a lot of great gadgets for your motorcycle.


The first gadget is MotoComm’s RiderCam30F; this gadget is waterproof, light weight, small and self-contained. It comes with a recorder function and a rechargeable battery pack. This motorcycle gadget is able to record at a resolution of 680×480 and at 30 frames per second you will get high quality and excellent videos to show your friends. If you want to record at a lower resolution the camera gives you this possibility, therefore you can choose a resolution of 320×240. The camera uses an 8GB or 4GB Micro SDHC card, this card in not included so you will have to buy it at a price of  $34 the one with 8GB and $20 the one with 4GB. The camera is able to record for about two hours at a single charge and if you choose the 8GB card – this one will give you 4 hours of high video quality at the higher resolution (680×480).

The gadget is very easy to use; first you have to snap the camera onto its flat surface, mounted for example on your handlebar, turn it on and then press the Record button. A record Led will be set on to let you know that the camera is working.


After your ride has ended, you can plug the USB cord into a PC or a Mac and you can edit the video (it is in .avi format) The editing process works both with iMovie from MacOS or Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft, those two are just a couple of example but you can edit the videos with all editing software that recognize the .avi format.

The camera comes with a complete package: a carrying case, Li-Ion batteries, video cable, charger, USB cable, handlebar mounts and a flat-surface.

The price for this RiderCam gadget is $189.99 just for the camera package and if we add $34 for the memory card we get a total of $223.99. The price can be reasonable or not, depending on your perspective.


Round-A-Mount is another motorcycle gadget from you. It is hard to find a secure and strong mounting devise for your motorcycle, but this gadget has it all.  The RAM system is almost infinitely adjustable; this means that you can mount, for example, your GPS to the steering head of your motorcycle and the GPS is going to stay in place. Round-A-Mount comes in 4 sizes depending on your needs. You can use it to mount your mobile phone, video camera or CB radio.

The next motorcycle gadget is HARD Radar Light (Helmet Assisted Radar Detection); this gadget is you those of you who are not paying attention to their speed limit (and you should do that) and don’t want to get a ticket for a one time mistake. The HARD Radar Light transmitter is able to connect to an Escort or a Valentine radar detector and the radio receiver that is wireless can be tucked in the linear of the helmet. This gadget doesn’t need any cables or uncomfortable earplugs. You will see a small LED that has a off to the side position, it won’t be in your way but you will be able to see it. The LED starts to flash when your radar detector goes off, therefore you will know to look at your radar detector display to see what is going on.


It is very easy to use, all you have to do is put our helmet on and you are free to ride.

J&M Bluetooth Stereo Helmet Headsets eliminates the cord from your electronics to your helmet. This motorcycle gadget uses the Bluetooth technology to connect you to your iPod (the iPod needs to have a Bluetooth adapter), a GPS with Bluetooth technology or a mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity. This gadget has a control box with rechargeable batteries that are able to provide a day rode with only a charge. With the headset come all the well-known Bluetooth features, for example: Hands free, Headset, Streaming stereo or video and audio remote control.


If you listen to your favorite music from your mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity while ridding and you have a call, the J&M Bluetooth Stereo Helmet Headsets will pause your music and you will be able to take the call.

If you like to ride a lot at night, the next motorcycle gadget will help you increase your visibility. The name of the gadget is Akuma Apache Helmet and what is so special about it, is the fact that it has a couple of rear LED that are able to increase the visibility at night. The gadget give you two light modes: flashing and steady and you can switch between them. Beside the couple rear LED you have a bright LED on the front of your helmet to help you change a tire or to consult a map if you find your self at night in the middle of nowhere. The helmet has a washable and removable interior and it comes with a wall charger.

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