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The first cutting edge gadget we are going to present to you is the QuadPixel LCD TV from Sharp. What is so interesting about this TV is the fact that is uses 4 primary colors, when on the market you can find only TV’s with 3 primary colors: red, green and blue. The TV you have at home is limited to these three colors which produce millions of colors, but the QuadPixel LCD TV from Sharp produces more than a trillion of colors.

The technology used in this TV employs a four color filter that adds the color Y (yellow), for the first time in history, to the other colors red, green and blue. This state-of-the-art LCD TV is available for $3.600; more information about you will find on the website.

The next cutting edge gadget is the Portable Digital TV and DVD player from Philips. This is the first DVD player which is also able to pick up digital TV stations. With this cool gadget you can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anyplace. This gadget is perfect for family picnics or when you travel, because you will always have something to keep you entertained.


The O2 Cube is a nice and cool little radio from the Armour Group. As the name implies, this radio has a cube design and it doesn’t have useless button, because is allows you to control it by how you move it. For example, if you want to change the radio stations or the volume, you have to rotate de cube or just tilt it. This gadget is still under development, so we don’t know the price of it or the time it will be released.


Samsung has developed a brand new LCD TV for all the sports fans out there. This is more than just a LDC TV, because this cutting edge gadget provides six separate screens that can work individually or in concert. This gadget gives you the possibility to watch six different TV channels in the same time or you can view one TV channel the 60-inch HD monitor.


Sony Fusion is the desk of the future. This gadget is still a concept, but is good one because the table comes with a hidden computer, touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen. Other features of this gadget include: LED outlined keyboard, DVD drive and a great design. This desk could be the used in classrooms, offices but also at home.


We don’t know when Sony is planning to produce this gadget for the public, but we know that Sony fusion will cost $3.000 and it will be available in three different colors: red, white and blue. With the price present above, this desk could be great for a private school or for companies that really love their employees.

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