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cool-fun-coolest-top-best-new-latest-high-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-idea-Copia is about to step things up in the e-reader world. Yesterday I told you how Amazon was lowering the price of their new version of the kindle, well Copia is taking things just a bit further, with a new $99.00 e-book reader set to launch later this year.

The Wall Street Journal is hinting that the first batch of e-readers will be available in time for the holiday season. The packages will include a 5-inch color (LCD) Wave 5 for $99, a 7-inch Wave 7 for $129, a 10-inch Ocean Color for $299 and a pair of E Ink-based options for $49 (Tidal) / $159 (Tidal Wi-Fi).

A big focus for Copia’s e-readers, which supports the ePub format, is social networking with direct feeds from Facebook and Twitter. Copia also describes itself as the “first social eReading experience.”

I have to admit, it does look very stylish.

Kindle WiFi/3G
Nook WiFi/3G
Sony Pocket Reader
Kobo eReader

Display size
6 inches
6 inches
5 inches
6 inches

Weight (ounces)

Font and text size
3 styles and 8 sizes
3 styles and 6 sizes
3 sizes
2 styles and 5 sizes

Integrated 3GB avail
2GB internal with microSD slot
Integrated 440MB avail
1GB internal with SD slot

Bookmark/furthest read sync
Yes, Whispersync
Coming soon

Software touch input

Orientation support
Portrait and landscape
Portrait only
Portrait only
Portrait only

EPUB support

PDF support

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