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Children are a little bit of happiness in our lives, they embrace us with unconditional love and to respond back we are trying to offer the best from what we own or have, and one way to do it is to buy them toys, a lot of toys and the coolest toys.

The first cool toy is for the bigger kids, it is called Clue Premiere Edition. It is a very interesting game and the goal o f the game is to try to solve a murder that has happened. The game gives you 9 three dimensional rooms to get started with the solving process. Every room is completed with artworks, props and furnishings. A non removal plexiglasss protects every room so you can’t move the furnishings from one room to another. The game gives clue fans a very realistic crime scene perspective and this can made you want to resolve the crime even faster.


The hand Crank Locomotives can make the parents to want to become kids again. This game uses the pulling and pushing of kids arms on a hand-crack to run a locomotive around an outdoor track. Every locomotive can support a single kid up to 100 lbs and is made from cast aluminum and also have crank handles that are made of stainless-steel for the kid’s protection. Each locomotive glides very easy on precision-crafted wheels that are made from cast-iron. The toy includes a track and 2 locomotives. And to protect the locomotives the toy comes with 2 nylon covers. It is very entertaining and the kids can play all day long.


The next cool toy is UBERARC 3200, this a toy for engineers, architects, students, kids and anyone that loves building things. The game allows you to create a prototype of your own design because it provides basic building techniques like how to create curves, load-bearing wall arches. If you don’t want to create prototypes of your own you can always build models of existing bridges, sky scrapers and other amazing structures. The game comes with real blueprints, therefore you can build sky scraper from a full scale blueprint that teaches you how to build from isometric views, plan views, detailed views and many more. It is not an easy game, because it can take a lot of time to build something from it but is a very rewording game because at the end to can see and tack the work you have done.


If you want your child to enjoy a bouncing ride you can buy for he/she KOTA the Triceratops Dinosaur. It is a very realistic baby dinosaur, it blinks its eyes and it can even move its head. It comes with a lot of sound effects, like stomping, munching, roaring and music. For the save of the kid and the toy, only kids up to 60 pounds are allowed to ride it.

Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer is another cool toy for the kids, especially for boys. It is a toy capable to fly outdoor and also indoor. It can spin 360 degrees and it can move right, left, backward  and forward, and it can do all of these while ii is levitating parallel to the ground. It has dual propellers, trim settings and a radio frequency remote control that helps the child to control it through turns, descents and climbs.


After you charge it for 70 minutes it can operate for 15 minutes, the remote needs a 9-volt battery and has a 27 angle range. The toy withstands crash landings or turbulent flights because it is made from durable EPP foam.

It you want your kid to have the best sled there is on the market you can buy him the HammerHead. It is the newest type of sled, the frame is made strong but light weight steel and it has a durable Nylon seat. The steer has also Nylon reigns, all this nylon and steel is for the protection of you kid, because everyone known that kids on a cold winter day, they like to go as fast as they can with their sleds.

Toobeez is a cool toy that puts your kid’s imagination at work, because with this toy kids can build almost everything. Toobeez comes with 57 pieces which allows children to build almost everything from their imagination. The toy has PVC plastic pipes that can be lock into place with the help of a twist. With Toobeez children can make: puppet theaters, a tent, volleyball course, airplanes, playhouses, helicopters, stormfront, a lemonade stand and many more.

Little Tikes Super Splash Waterpark is the perfect toy for the hot days in the summer. The park has two water cannons for the kids to play with, two tunnels, a slide with sprinkler, lounge to chill that has the shape of a turtle and an obstacle course. The kids will enjoy this toy because they have a lot to do and everyone knows that the kids like water especially in the summer.


If you can’t get your kid to exercise outside you can make him do that indoor with the help of SmartCycle. This is a toy that helps kids exercise by pedaling while they are learning preschool concepts like numbers, colors, shapes or letters.  It is an educational tool, a video game console and an exercise tool – all in one. The kids are learning to exercise their body but also their brain. This toy has a negative aspect because it can’t remember the exercises that the kid has done after you turn it off and on again, therefore the kid has to start all over again from the beginning.

If your girl likes teddy bears, you can buy her the Jumbo Minky Teddy Bear. It is about 7 feet, has a great quality and it is super soft. The toy can be used as a pillow or you can stretch it on the floor and the kid can watch movies on top of it. And if the kid is afraid of the dark you can put the toy in to her room to keep the darkness and the monsters away. It is also washable, so you don’t have to worry is your kid spills hot choke on it.


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