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Rubik’s Cube is a classic toy, but a cool one too and with the new technology in our modern world, the Rubik’s Cube is not what it used to be. The latest Rubik’s Cube is completely electronic and this cool toy uses touch sensor technology. This touch cube comes with light in every square and a touch sensor technology on all six sides. To solve this Rubik’s Cube all you have to do is to slide the lights with a swipe of your finger and this simple gesture will mimic the moves of the traditional Cube.

And this is not all, because the new cube has built-in motion – detecting accelerometer which allows it to which side is facing up. This technology is very useful because it eliminates false moves and inputs and let’s you solve the puzzle faster and easier. If you don’t now the next move you should make, this isn’t a problem anymore with this new TouchCube because it comes with a built-in solver, a feature that gives you the possibility to learn how to solve the Cube or to get a hint. You will find this coolest toy on Amazon with the price of $150.


One of the coolest toys is the Star Wars Science – Force Trainer. The toy uses cutting-edge brainwave technology allowing you to move a ball into a tower, the idea of this toy is to make you believe that you can control a Jedi Training Remote. In order to move the ball up and down in the tower you need to concentrate because you need the power of your mind to control this object.

The toy comes with a built-in micro-chip that uses the delta, gamma and beta waves from your brain to determinate in which brain state you are and to decide if you want the ball to be moved up or down.  This is a nice gift for all the Star Wars fan out there and you will find it on Amazon with the price of $129.99.


If your child loved the Transformers movie and he/she is a fan of those cute cars that transform into robots, you can purchase them the Street Troopers Mobilized Attack Vehicle. This cool toy transform from a car into a robot at the push of a button and it has a great aggressive and sporty look. This toy is a bit more delicate than other simple remote control cars, because it comes with many moving parts.

To enjoy this toy you will need a 9V battery for the remote control and 6 AA batteries for the car. Your child will love this toy and you can purchase it from Amazon for $190.


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