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This article is for the soccer fans that want to know more about their favorite game and more about the thing that makes to game so special, the ball.

Let’s start with the construction of it, have you ever wondered how a soccer ball is created? If you did you will find the answer in the next lines.

The ball has 4 main components: the lining, the stitching, the cover and the bladder. In the past the coverings of the soccer ball were from grain leather but now they are made from synthetic leather (made from PVC – poly vinyl chloride or PU – polyurethane). The best and the coolest soccer balls are fabricated by using: Cordey, Duscksung, AI-200 or other types of polyurethane.
Do you how what panels are in the construction of a soccer ball? They are the segments that from which the outside covering of the ball is made from. The ball used in professional matches has 32 panels, but you can find soccer balls with 26 panels or 18 panels.


The lining refers to the thickness of the material that is a vital part for a high quality soccer ball. The layers of lining are put between the bladder and the cover. These layers are made from cotton bonded or polyester and these layers give the soccer ball the structure, the bounce and the strength that it needs. To make the perfect strength and structure for the professional soccer ball the manufactures use 4 or more layers.


The bladders are the things that make the soccer ball to hold the air. These bladders are made form butyl or latex material. Bladders made from latex provide better surface tension while the bladders made from butyl retain air for a longer time.


Many professional soccer balls have to pas some tests and then to be approved. You all know the FIFA logo or the NFHS logo, when you se these logos on a soccer ball this means that the ball will perform according to the organization requirements. The testing procedures have to be made for a better performance and value of your soccer ball.


Once you found the coolest soccer ball, you have to take good care of it. You should not sit or stand on it, don’t kick it hard against the wall because this last action will make the ball wobble when you kick it again.

The first cool soccer ball we present to you is Adidas Jabulani: Official World Cup International Match Ball. The name “jabulini” means to celebrate and this is the soccer ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. The design you see on this ball in South African and it is made from the best materials and with the highest technology. This cool soccer ball is perfectly round thanks to the 3-D panels that were bonded by the thermal technology. The ball has 11 colors and the colors want to represent the 11 communities you can find in South Africa, the 11 players that a team has and the 11 official languages that South Africa has. This soccer ball promises a lot with its eight 3-D TPU and EVA panels and its strengthens. The people that test it said that the ball has unmatched flight features and it is the most accurate and stabile ball from Adidas.  The ball allows players to have full control over it in any type of weather conditions thanks to its great grip and futuristic texture.  This cool soccer ball comes in a limited stock and if you want to have it you better hurry and get it for $139.00.

FC Micro: Professional International Match Ball is a soccer ball design for great trajectory and optimum bounce. The ball has optimum control and optimum handling and it is fast in flights. It is made of micro fiber cover with 32 panels. Is NFHS and FIFA approved and it has 3 years guarantee for the shape and stitching. The airflow drag is reduced thanks to the polyester threads. It is water resistant, comes in 5 sizes and the colors are blue and white with black graphics. You can have this cool soccer ball with a cost $44.00.

The next cool soccer ball offers you excellent feel and touch, the name of this ball is Defiant: Premium Match Ball. It is a professional match ball and is very accurate and has a good durability. You can play it at its highest performances in all wheatear conditions and on any filed you want. It allow you to control it very well, has a great feel and it is water resistant. The color of this ball is white with black graphics. This soccer ball will cost you $21.00.

Cup: Premium Match Ball has passed the NFHS testing requirements. This is a game ball but you can use it in professional practice as well. Has great control abilities, is water resistant and is very durable with an excellent feel. The colors of this soccer ball are red and white with black graphics. You get a 3 years guarantee on the stitching and the shape of the ball. This ball is a great deal at $23.00.

First Division: Premium Match Ball has been approved by NFSH and FIFA. The approval guarantees you that you are going to have a great ball with great performances. It is water resistant and it is very durable. The colors are green and white with great black graphics. You can have it at a price of $ 28.00

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