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People are very imaginative and you can be surprised to find yourself in front of a painting admiring the wonderful colors and images you see there. But no matter how good we, humans, are at this, nature always finds a way of making more and better. You can find so many beautiful places in nature that just take your breath away. Sometimes the combination of elements is so unexpected that you can’t help wondering how it was possible. Just search photos with famous rock formations all over the world and I can guarantee you that you will admire them for at least one hour. There is such a geologic diversity of the rocks in different parts of the world, that they are unique and offer unique and spectacular views.

Let’s take the rock in the second picture: it looks like a rock that was thrown in the middle of nowhere because there are no mountains nearby.It just appears in the middle of the desert and it is beautifully colored by the sun, especially at sunset when it looks like on fire. It is called Uluru or Ayer’s Rock in Australia and it is actually one of Australia’s symbols and also one of the coolest rocks in the world. It is considered a sacred place by the local people and attracts lots of tourists every year.

There are lots of other strange looking rocks and rock formations that are more or less known and visited, but they are certainly worth mentioning here. For example there’s the Delicate Arch and the Landcape Arch in Utah, USA, that are regarded as symbols of this state. They look like an arch made of stone and, like most of all the other rock formations, are the workart of erosion. The wind and the water from the rain eroded the outer layer of the rock and the softer parts and only the harder parts remained. So the shape of the present monuments was sculpted in maybe millions of years and it is still changing now, even though it is not visible for the human eye because the transformation is so slow.


Then there are two rock formations,Wave Rock in Australia and The Wave in Arizona, USA. They look like ocean waves and they are really spectacular because of the different colors of rocks and algae that grow on them and give them incredible shades of color. Some rocks look like mushrooms and some others look like they defy all gravity laws because giant blocks of stone are supported only by a small stone at the base, having most of the body suspended in the air.


I will give more examples  and if you want to find out more about them, you will have to find for yourself: Devil’s Marbles in Australia, The Pinnacles in Australia, The Cheesewring in UK, Mushroom Rock in Kansas USA, Brimham Rock in UK, The Externsteine in Germany, Perce Rock in Canada, Maltese Cross Rock in South Africa, Amah Rock in Hong Kong, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming USA, Bryce Canyon in USA, Goreme Valley Fairy Chimneys in Turkey, Palo Duro Canyon and Rock City in Texas USA, Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and many, many more.

But these are only a few examples of the coolest rocks in the world. Because there are mountains and rocks all over the place, you will be surprised to see many nice rocks even in your area. All you have to do is take some time and make a trip to the nearest mountain. is a gadgets review with pictures, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, something else blog with visitors’ comments. The stuffs are uploaded by visitors or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The info contained in this website is for general info purposes only. All the pictures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, etc., have been collected from various public sources including different sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. They are the property of their respective owners, including pictures, graphics, photos, images, videos, etc. We don’t own any copyright about these pics, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, etcetera. We have no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the site or the data, products, services, or related graphics contained on the web site for any purpose. If you find any content, pics, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on that you consider shouldn’t be here, post me a removal note.

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