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Nowadays it’s important to have a performing phone that fits your requirements. There are a lot of models and a lot of brands.

You can purchase the mobile phone from the representation, stores or online stores. It’s good to buy them from representation because you will have some benefits and you have the guarantee that the product it’s original. If you purchase a phone from representation they can give to you some accessories for it such as cases, headphones and headsets and other accessories for free or for a small amount of money. If you buy it from the representation you have warranty which is very useful when you broke the mobile phone. You go with the mobile to the representation and they send it to service.


It’s risky to buy them from the internet because you don’t have an warranty and you don’t know if the respective web site is serious or not.


Before you buy a phone it’s good to take a look at the characteristics that it has such as: system operating, camera, colors and other applications. There are different types of phones: with touchscreen, with qwerty keyboard. You should buy the one that fits your requirements.

For my point of view the Nokia e71 is the coolest phone ever in the world for me because it has qwerty keyboard which is very useful when surfing the web or writing messages, it has a relatively good camera with flash 3.2 mp, a lot of applications, Symbian OS 9,2, Series 60 v3.1UI.

It’s also equipped with  document editor (word, excel, powerpoint, PDF), push to talk, organizer, printing and many more. You can take a look here at all the characteristics that it has.


It has a relatively big internal memory 110 MB with microSD up to 8 gb.
It has a powerful battery Li-Po 1500 mAh (BP-4l) which provides you power for up to 10 h 30 min (2g), 4 h 30 min (3g), stand-by up to 410 h (2g) , 480 h (3g).

It’s a business mobile phone that fits many people requirements. It’s not expensive in the report with the characteristics that it has.

You can buy it on white steel, grey steel, black, red colors.

For me it’s the coolest phone ever in the world. Of course you should buy the one that fits your requirements. Nowadays are many mobile phones with 5 MP camera or even 8. A lot of them have touchscreen now. Buy the one that fits your needs.

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