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Pen drives are one of the coolest and smallest gadgets you can have. They are very useful and easy to carry, because you can store a lot of information into a small device. My iDuck is one of the coolest pen drives we found on the market. This storage device is perfect for all the animal lovers out-there and it made from soft plastic. The body of this cute duck glows in the dark and you have a lot of colors to choose from: transparent, blue, orange, yellow, pink with hearts.

If you use is USB flash drive you can also improve the performance of your operating system, because it comes with a feature named ReadyBoost which allows the USB flash drive to be used as extra RAM by your operating system (this feature works only with Windows Vista).


Other great looking pen drives are the next one made in Japan. They are called the USB Sushi Memory Sticks and they are very popular nowadays. The memory sticks include maki design, salmon design, roe design, shrimp design and more. The flash drives have a storage capacity between 1 GB and 8GB, the price varies depending on the design and the storage capacity. For example, the 8GB sushi design flash drive comes with a price of $29.99 and the 1GB tuna sushi USB drive can be found at $9.99.


One of the coolest and the strangest pen drives is the Flashbag. This USB flash drive has a micro pump that inflates the flash drive, well not the flash drive but the bag around the pen drive. When the flash drive is empty the bag is flat, but as you add information on the pen drive the bag becomes fatter and fatter. When there is no more storage space a message will appear on the screen to tell you that: “There is not enough free space” and the bag will be inflated to its full potential.


Corsair Flash Survivor comes with an aluminum shell which makes it shock-proof and water-resistant. The pen drive comes with 10-year warranty and it can be found on Amazon. The storage capacities are of 8GB and 4GB.

i-Disk Vogue is a stylish  USB drive which the ladies can wear it as a necklace. This fashion accessory looks great and comes with a storage capacity of 1GB. The price for this cool pen drive is about $30. This could be a nice gift for your girlfriend.


i-Disk Charm from Pretec is a nice looking pen drive with a storage capacity of 8GB and it comes with a Japanese symbol which means blessing and good fortune. This symbol is used as a guardian of fortune and also as a good luck symbol. This USB flash drive works with the following operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac. The price for this flash drive is about $50.

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