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Nicknames used to be those names given to some people by those around them for a certain reason. They were usually making fun of a physical flaw or underlining the person’s particularities: Fat John, Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid and so on – to use only a few famous examples. There are funny nicknames that are given to the football players by their fans and nicknames given to singers. But that was in the past and also today.

Now we choose our own nicknames because we need them for various internet applications, for example the MSN accounts or when playing various computer games and we need to choose a name for our characters. Of course these nicknames vary a lot, depending on the reason they were chosen. For example the messenger nickname is usually a lot more personal, in order to allow the people you add in the list to recognize you and after all you use it every day when sending instant messages, so you must be able to remember it. On the other hand when playing games, it is not important to choose personal nicknames, but rather certain names to inspire fear and respect among the players.


And again it all depends on tastes, but also age and gender. There are different nicknames for girls and for boys, for children, teenagers and adults. Some nicknames are chosen to show the user’s preferences, for example “twilight19″ meaning that the user is a Twilight movie fan and she is 19. Any way, all users want to have the coolest nicknames, not just to pick a random one.

There are certain web sites that challenged all the visitors to give examples of the coolest nicknames and they made quite impressive data bases they now use to offer inspiration for those looking for a cool nickname. There are some others that allow you to use a search engine and look for a certain nickname to see if it was entered by someone else and to post it after that.


Or you may use an automatic nickname generator. There are such generators that give you an idea for your nickname starting from your first name and some others that first tell you to complete a quiz in order to have more details about you, about your likes and dislikes, so that the future generated nickname to be representative for your personality.

I am not that inventive when it comes to nicknames and I used a diminutive of my first name for my messenger account and my favorite book character for the rest of my game accounts. I admit I am a bit absent minded, so I tend to use only a nickname for all accounts, but some people are a lot more creative or maybe have a better memory and use different nicknames for any of those accounts. Any way, nicknames can be written in different languages, depending on the country of origin of the user, but here we are talking only about English nicknames.

If you are looking for inspiration or you are just curious to see what are the coolest nicknames people use, you might consider following these links:,,,,

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