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Every year Santa has to stay up late at nights to finish all those cool toys you see on sale everywhere. And for those of you who don’t believe in Santa anymore, you still probably go to as many fairs as possible, search for the coolest toys on the web, wishing you were a kid again, because, let’s face it, toys are cool. And not only are they cool, but also addictive to kids worldwide. So, what parents have to do is not an easy job: they either get a rigid list from the beginning with their offspring’s demands, either they take that job on their own and go wandering through hundreds of stores in search for that perfect toy.

And don’t you think this is an easy job to do! Noooo! Boys nowadays don’t want anymore wooden bricks to build fortresses and girls are not satisfied with their regular Barbie doll either. Each and every year, kids become more complex in their demands, wanting more and more complex toys that often outcome their regular age and time for developing. So, they end up receiving real size resorts for the back yard, tree houses equipped with wi-fi, leather sofas and a mini bar for fruit juices or, even better, complete kits of make-up and clothes, including eyeshadows, lipsticks, rings and necklaces for the 6-year old girls.

Still, that’s the bright side of the toy market, that children are still interested in out-door activities, one way or another. But what about those other millions of kids out there who only want Xbox 360, Nintendo games, wii consoles or video games to play till exhaustion? No worries- for parents that want their kids to be happy at any costs, luxury toy market comes in help whenever you pay the cash. And because toys can also get hi-tech, here are one of the coolest toys so far:

1. Superman Returns Inflato-suit from Mattel

This blue and red suit can be inflated with a battery powered fan, and will transform even the puniest of kids to the muscular Superman. Kids will love wearing this colorful outfit, and showing off their new-found muscles!


2. IDog from Hasbro

Hasbro plans to release a black I-Dog, a pink I-Dog, an I-Dog Pup and I-Dog clothes and accessories. The robotized dogs have different personalities based on the music they are playing, from rock and roll to punk, hip hop or dance. Also, the IDog clothes line include scarfs, hats, sweaters, booties among with handwarmers.


3. Star War the Force trainer

It allows your child to to channel their brainwaves to move a ball up a container. This new kind of item allows your child to have fun and learn in ways that simply aren’t possible with many other toys on the market today. How cool is that? Now, where have I put my lego-pirates game?

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