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Laptops or notebooks are the best computers you can have nowadays if you travel a lot, because they are slim, easy to carry and have the same features and applications like a desktop pc. You can keep all for information safe, you can work from home, you can travel anywhere while you are working and keeping in touch with your business partners or friends and, to be honest, they look great with their colorful cases, small buttons and thin display.

The first cool looking laptop we are going to talk about today is Dell Latitude Z. This laptop has a special design and special technologies built in it. If is for the business man/women this laptop is for you: it is easy to carry, has a 16-inch HD display, a 256GB hard drive and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It also has a multi-touch trackpad that is able to support zooming and pinching. All the features we talk about until know are not that impressive, we find them at Macbook and other pc’s and we tend to say that are not state-of-the-art technologies. The fun begins when you look closer at the display and you will se that is not an ordinary one. Dell Latitude Z has built along the display’s frame a lot of touch functionalities. It has never been easy to find what you are looking for; if you want to open an application all you have to do is to slide your fingers along the frame. This action will open a tool bar that lets you choose a lot of applications, for example: camera, photos or e-mail.

Even the laptop’s camera is special and is beyond traditional webcams that you can find at an ordinary pc. The camera has 2 Megapixels and it has a lot of great features: for example, if you have a simple sheet of paper or an important document and you want to save it on your computer but you don’t have a scanner, you will see that you don’t need it because all you have to do is to hold the documents in front of the camera and then choose in what type of format you want to save them (for example, PDF). If you have a business card you can do the same actions and the computer will recognize that is a card and will save it in Microsoft Outlook contacts.

And if that was not all, if you turn on the camera while you are the laptop and then you step away from it, the camera will detect that you are not in front of your laptop anymore and will automatically look it. The camera can to that thanks to the face recognition feature that it has.

This laptop offers you another security feature: the card reader is great, is not a simple one is a contact less smart card reader. It is able to recognize your office badge and if you want to loch the laptop on the go all you have to do is wave for badge over it. And it has also a fingerprint reader. That is a lot of protection for your laptop and foe your important information.
If you need to send an important e-mail urgent and you don’t have time to wait until to turn it on and all the features start up, the laptop offers you the possibility to start it up in “Latitude On” – a mode that has instant start up and connection to internet, e-mail, calendar and contacts. This mode offers you battery life time of 12 hours but you don’t have access to applications like Word or PowerPoint.

Dell Latitude Z laptop costs $2.000 and if you want the wireless charging feature (because this laptop can do that) is will cost you a lot more.


Alienware laptops are for gamers and everyone that wants to play a game in its full potential. These are the most powerful gaming laptops. Let’s take for example Alienware M15X, beside the fact that is a cool looking laptop is has some great features. It has an Intel Core i7 quad-core inside and the Intel Turbo Boost technology speeds up the processor giving you the performance you need. Don’t worry about your games details because the NVIDIA PureVideo HD gives you picture-in-picture movies, great game details and crystal game view. If you want a life gaming experience you will have it thanks to the DirecX 10 that offers you 3D film quality effects.  The Alienware M15X gives you the possibility to choose 3 colors to match your game: Metallic Silver, Metallic Red and Metallic Black. For the best game play M15X offers you a QuickTouch System Control Pad that is very sensitive and lets you make all the best game movements.  A 2.0 Megapixel camera will make it easy for you to broadcast across the Internet and it has also a face recognition feature. This laptop looks awesome, has a good battery lifetime and is very fast.


If you got yourself a Sony Vaio Nebula you know that this laptop is looking great. If you didn’t buy it, you can’t find it on anymore because they are all sold out and they were produced in limited number. This laptop is a great match for technology and science fiction. It has a Blue-Ray player, 16.4”-inch display, Dolby Surround Sound, a 3.06 Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the latest operating system form Windows – Windows 7. It has a unique design with a 500GB hard drive and up to 8GB RAM depending on the model.


When we are talking about cool looking laptops we can’t leave the kids behind and the next cool looking laptop is made especially for them. The X0-2 laptop is not on the market yet but we aspect it to be in 2010. This laptop has a special feature, instead of a classic keyboard it has two 16:9 touch-screens (one of the touch-screens can be used as a keyboard when needed). The X0-2 has can be make completely flat so you will have a large touch-sensitive table. It is design as an e-book reader and the goal of this product is to make it $75 in 2010, so that anyone could afford it.

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