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Have you ever wondered which is the coolest job in the world? If you did and you want to find an answer, in the next lines we are going to present you a few of the coolest jobs in the world, because there are lots of people that have fun with their jobs.

One of the coolest jobs has to be Caretaker of a paradise island. This job actually pays you to relax on great exotic beaches and to live in 5 stars hotels. This is the job that a 34-year-old man had for six months, being the ambassador and the caretaker of a beautiful tropical Australian island. Ben Southall has able to earn in those 6 months an amount of $120.000 and all he had to do was to attract tourists to the island and to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The next cool job is Water-slide tester. This could be best job is you like water and you want to get paid having fun and testing the quantity of water, the speed and the height in water slides. Tommy Lyunch is the man who has this great job, beside the fun he has, he also travels at resorts in Cyprus, Ibiza, Jamaica, Florida, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Majorca, so he sees a lot of great and cool places all around the world. This job beats all other jobs where you need to stay in your office in front of a computer all day. Cool job!
Everyone likes chocolate because it is sweet and it is a noble desert. Sally McKinnon made a career by being a Chocolate tester and testing many types of chocolate for a living. This job has to be great and divine in the same time, because she gets paid every day to taste chocolate. This job has also a down side, because if you don’t eat healthily the chocolate calories could alter the health and also the weight.

What could be better than a cyclist in Paris? and if you have someone to pay you while you visit great places, then this is the best job. In the summer of 2009, Google hired two cyclists to ride high-tech bikes thorough Paris. The bikes were equipped with a GPS, a computer and 9 cameras so the cyclists could capture many digital images of gardens, historical sites and other places. The idea was to create great 360-degree images of those cool places.

For all the gamers out there, did you know that you could get paid to play and to test the latest games? The Video-game tester is one of the coolest jobs in the world because you get to play unreleased games, to test them and to identify any bugs. All the new video games have to be tested before they ship out to the public and you can find a lot of web sites which have job openings for video-games tester. Check them out!
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