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Watches are for centuries one of the most used items and accessory, both for men and women. And while their popularity might have decreased in the last years, their main functions being replaced by cell phones or other personal assistant devices, a person is still highly appreciated through the watch he or she wears.This is why, watches in our days are considered more as a personal status, a social standard, so the more expensive watches you wear, the better you are seen in society. Yes, a rather snob concept which is, yet, very popular even though people don’t want to admit it.

But the watch doesn’t have only the purpose of being a social barometer, it can also indicate time you know; so while many of us are still bound in using these items as simple accessories, a watch is more than that. It is, by its definition, a necessary item but, by all means, a fashion statement too. And as we got used to traveling a lot, the cosmopolitan life we are living imposes us to always be careful at the current time, both in our country, as in the place/ region we are moving.
This is why, over the last years, as our lifestyle improved and our need for travelling increased, having a GMT watch that shows more than one timetable is an important accessory in our daily wardrobe. Sure, we can get similar applications on technological devices such as phones, PDAs or even iPods, but a traditional item such as a watch will never be outcome by technology. Only if the watch includes it. So if you wanted to put down money in order to buy a sophisticated, yet highly fashionable and expensive multiple GMT watch, here are some of the finest and coolest selections:
1. 2006 AP RO Dual Time – absolutely gorgeous
2. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time – looks rather good in chocolate-like and gold versions
3. The best half an hour or a quarter of an hour deviations from standard time (in areas such as India, Australia or New Zeeland) is, by far, the Franck Muller Master Banker. With this watch you can even set a third time zone regardless to the previous 2, that can guide you as the standard GMT hour. As far as I know, this watch is the single one available on the market with this particular feature. Pretty James Bond style, huh?
4. OK, and because no ordinary watch review is complete without adding at least one Patek Philippe in the collection, here it is, the finest of them all! In words of timetables, the 5130 Patek shows simultaniously the time in 24 major cities and capitals in the world. What to add more? Simply, just go through the whole WorldTime collection and you will be suprised and impressed.

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