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One of the coolest gadgets on the market today is the lamp that is made to be destroyed. This lamp is made from plaster and it comes in an egg shaped design, the idea of a lamp is to provide light and with this cool and weird lamp if you want light you have to break it to release the light within.

When you receive this lamp, you see that is nothing special about it because it looks like a solid black hanging egg. But in the box you will also find a small and mean looking pick that will help you see the light. You have to take the pick and chip your way through the lamp and release the beautiful light. You can start by cracking out a few pinholes or you can knock off the bottom half, either way you will have a unique and original lamp design made by you. After you destroyed it, you should thing about the fact that you spend $800 on a lamp.  You can find this lamp on


The next cool gadget is the dishwasher of the future – the Siemens Zeolith. Let’s start with the design which is looks better than any other dishwasher you have ever seen. The gadget is designed to recycle the humidity left over from the wash cycle. This feature is made with the help of zeolites – they are moisture absorbing particles that absorb the moisture from the air inside the dishwasher and they also release stored up heat into the dishwasher.

The idea and the design is very simple: the zeolites absorb the moisture of the air and then they released the heat into the water and this action make the machine to use less power and results in a faster load cycle. The main idea was to make a machine that saves energy and Siemens did this with a great design and a clever idea. The Siemens Zeolith is available in Europe, but not in United States.


Another cool gadget is the card that monitors how much money you have spend. The Live Checking Card is just a concept, but it can become reality in the near future. The card is design to physically display the amounts spend after every purchase. The card uses RFID technology to sync into your back account and the display is powered by e-ink technology.

The idea is great for the owner, but is it greater for thieves because a large amount spend on the card means that the owner has a big bank account and this thing could motivate the thief to steel the card.


The LED table looks very cool and it is on sale at Ikea. The table will capture the attention and the imagination of everyone drops by your place. This is a high tech-furniture comes with a big price of $23.175 and if you want to purchase it, you should check out the Neena’s Lighting website.

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