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We spend most of our life in a small and squeezed space, because most of us work in offices that are not bigger than 2 x 2 meters or, if we are lucky, 3 x 3 meters, so we should make the best of this situation by adding a touch of luxury and great design to our cubicles.

The coolest cubicles are unfortunately just concept designs, but we hope that the companies we work for take them in consideration in the near future. For example, Studio 54 designed by Steelcase wants to be a comfortable and stylish meeting place at the office, where everyone could meet and talk or just gather to find a little privacy. This conceptual design is used today in some companies and we thing that everyone would want a comfortable and cozy place within an office.


One of the coolest cubicles designs was made by Google Zurich. What is great about this design is the fact that it transforms the boring cubicles is a special place for each employee. This office design is very motivational, creative and dynamic and it the same time is an open space, so no one will feel crowded in here. This design was made by combining ideas form 350 employees and by letting truly amazing innovations surrounding the workspace.

The idea was to create a highly functional, but also large and individual workspace. The workspace has also meeting places and communal areas, so no one feels alone and abandoned. This is a great design for a great office environment.


The next cool cubicle won the Coolest Cubicle showdown in 2008 and it is called the War cubicle. If you want to transform your boring cubicle in to something special, maybe this cubicle design will give you some ideas. The cubicle looks like a secret place that hides many secrets and weapons. OK, we are kidding, because the only thing that this cubicle hides is the employee and he’s computer, but it looks great.


If you want to make an extreme makeover to your cubicle, you should try a luxurious look. You can start with an executive office chair and don’t stop there, because you also need a nice carved desk, red mahogany luxury paneling, and great dark cherry hardwood floor. You also need a cool pear of headphones, a bid monitor display and a laptop. This is not a dream, because the men in the picture below actually redesigned its cubicle by giving it a brand new luxurious look.


The next design is for those of you who like to have more privacy at the office and it is called the House on the table. This cubicle was designed by Soojin Hyun creating a desk that which combines interior lighting, look-out portals, four walls, ceiling and bookshelves all for your privacy.


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