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A bong is a smoking device, also called water pipe, used to smoke many substances, like tobacco or cannabis. The idea of this device is the fact that the cooling effect of the water reduces of damaging or burning the lungs, airways or mouth. This smoking device is believed to be less damaging, if we compare it with other smoking devices and methods, thanks to the water filtration.

Bongs come in all shapes and colors and the most used material is glass. In the next lines we are going to present you a few of the coolest bongs we found on the market. The fist cool bong looks great and it is also a very affordable one. The design of the bong comes with a nice curl and it is made from amber glass. The curl makes it challenging to get the ice or the water down, but this could be a nice addition to your collection. You will find it on the website at the price of $25.77.
The next cool bong is made from ceramic and has a weird alien face design, so this is not an ordinary bongs design. This bong comes with 4 plastic holders, so it is perfect if you want to smoke with your friends. The heavy smooth inhaling, weird and nice design and the ability to share it with your friends, makes this bong one of the coolest bongs on the market. The price for it is $21.02 and you can find it on

The Bamboo bong with leaf is made from a single and durable bamboo cane. This bong provides a great smoke and it also comes with a great design making it a cool ornamental piece. The bong is painted in black and it also has a green cannabis leaf that looks very nice. If you want a sturdy and strong bong, this one is for you thanks to the durable bamboo cane and the circular wooden disk where the bong is mounted. The pipe and the bowl are made from metal to avoid the wood taste. The bowl is small, but is perfect if you want to smoke by yourself or with 2 or 3 friends.
The Shiny Metal Bong comes in 2 colors: golden or silver. This bong has a strong figure and a stable bottom. This bong, as the name implies, is made from metal which makes it very durable.

If you want to feel like Alladin, we recommend this cool Alladin Water Bong. This has a nice Arabian design and it has metal outside of the pipe.
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