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When you are about to have a baby you are very excited to find the right name . The name is pretty important both for you and your child because a bad name can me your child embarrassed in the future, the children will make fun of him or her and there will be an endless chain of jokes all their life. An improper name is not a good start in life. That is why most of the time the parents choose the baby’s name before birth. They make a list with possible names and start arguing about them and usually if the father of the baby likes one name, the mother does not agree and the other way round.

Names are very different across the world because each country has its traditions and saints and that influences a lot the baby’s name. In many countries the tradition says to choose the baby’s name depending on the saint whose celebration is the coolest to the birth date. Then the names may differ very much in every country. The Catholics choose Catholic names, most of them from the Bible, while other religions have their own traditional names, especially the Jews, that you recognize immediately when you hear their names. Asian countries have special names that sound really strange for an European ear and African American people choose different names from their white neighbours, most times with a French origin.The people speaking Spanish have specific names and so do the Italian speaking ones.


So I guess the coolest baby names are the ones their parents like very much because there is no universal recipe for the best and most beautiful names, as it is a matter of tastes mainly.

Stars – actors and singers especially are a constant source of inspiration when it comes to choosing baby names. When a certain singer or actor is in the public attention very much and has a lots of fans, you can be sure there will be lots of children with their names in the next generations. I think there are now thousands of children who were named Britney and Angelina or Brad or Hugh or I don’t know what other names that remind you of Hollywood stars.


Some parents want to be original and they actually invent their children names: they combine the letters of both their names and mix them until they can make up a name that sounds fine. This way the baby’s name will also have a special significance. It would be actually a good idea to try to find the etimology of your baby’s name before because it is important for them to know what their names mean and also not to be named after a car’s name or a fruit ( Mercedes or Apple – the name of Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter). Or maybe you might want to stick with a simple common name like John or Mary – it’s totally up to you.

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