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The Tablespoon Deep Fryer makes almost 2 lbs. of succulent and crispy fried food with just one tablespoon of oil. This cool kitchen gadget comes with an internal convection oven that is able to heat up to 338 degrees F and the hot air cooks spring rolls, shrimps or chicken wings with a moist interior and a great crunchy exterior.

The gadget has also an integrated paddle that automatically mixes and turns all the ingredients with oil for an even cooking. You will find this cool kitchen gadget at with a price of $299.95.


If you like those steam cookers and you use them a lot, you will like the next kitchen gadget – the Intellisteam from Morphy Richards. This is more than just a simple steam cooker, because it has the possibility to cook three courses in the same time, but at different temperatures. Each container comes with individually controlled heaters with gives you the possibility to cook, for example, vegetable, meat and potatoes in the same time. This cool kitchen gadget is dishwasher safe and you can find more information about on the Morphy Richards website where you will find it at the price of $160.


Every kitchen needs to have a toaster, but this is probably one of the most boring kitchen gadgets because it has the same classic look for decades. But the next toaster is not like that, because it has a modern design that mimics a printer. The only difference between this toaster and a printer is that it spits out great toast instead of printing out pages.

The top of the toaster gives you the possibility to place several pieces of bread and the toast drops in a nice looking stack. Unfortunately, this is still a concept toaster and if you want to read more information about it check out the OhGizmo website.


The click oven mitts have a great design inspired by the hand cursor from your personal computer. They look great and they were designed by Anderson Horta a Brazilian designer. They are creative and also useful in every kitchen. If you want to purchase them, check out the Bazar Design website where you will find more information about the click oven mitts.


The next cool gadget for your kitchen is the Peter Petrie Egg Separator. This kitchen tool separates the albumen from the yolk. All you have to do is to crack an egg into this gadget and to tilt it forward, the yolk will be blocked by the nose and the albumen will drip into your bowl through the tools nose. The Peter Petrie Egg Separator is perfect for cakes, omelets and other recipes.


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