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If you like Japanese stuff, you can check out the – a website where you will find many cool Japanese toys and gadgets. The first cool Japanese gadget we are going to present is the Super Slim Video Camera Pen – a pen camcorder perfect for those who like to spy on others.

This gadget records audio and also video and nobody will notice the camera, because it is so small and it is hidden just above the clip. This gadget is perfect is you want to record free-hand, because you can place the pen into your top pocket of the jacket and the camera that the rest of the job.

After you record the video, you can download it on your computer via USB 2.0. The Super Slim Video Camera Pen works both on Windows XP and Windows Vista and it comes with an internal memory of 2GB. If you need more storage capacity you can add a MicroSD card up to 8GB. This pen camcorder records the video files in AVI format and it also takes pictures in JPEG format.


USB toys or gadgets are a lot of fun and if you want to purchase one, then you can try the next cool Japanese gadget – the USB Japanese garden. This device will help you relax at home or at the office when you are surrounded by office equipment, stacks of papers and you have a lot of work to do.

This office decoration will relax you when and the streaming water will improve your work efficiency. You will find it on the website mentioned above.


If you want to purchase Japanese stuff another place where you will find them is If you want to get a detailed image of your health, maybe the next gadget will help you – presenting the Body Check Ball. This is a cool gadget that provides accurate data about your muscle percentages, bone density and body fat. The device uses electrodes to ready your body and a display where you can view the information.

This gadget also has a clock and alarm function and it is able to store up to 10 different profiles. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and you will find it at the price of $53.


If you are tired of those boring floor lamps, you can try the ones from Metaphys  – the Susuki Silver Grass Lights.  They are the perfect accessory to completer your armchair, bed or sofa and they comes with soft LED that provides a forest of light.

The lamps are made from stainless-steel stalks and thermoplastic elastomer tips and you can connect more units to the same power source to have more beautiful grass lights. You will find them with the price of $360 on the website present above.

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