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Check out this cool wireless R2-D2 Webcam.

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Why have a boring old techy looking webcam when you can have R2D2 at your disposal? This daft droid is not only a remote control wireless webcam, but will also play your web based audio, has a digital camera, can be used as an internet phone, has voice record, wirelessly transmits images, and has possibly the coolest remote control unit in existence.

What looks exactly like the hilt of a Lightsaber is your ticket to control. Bristling with buttons and glowing red when on (and blue when using it as a phone), this wireless remote gives you access to all of R2D2′s functions, and even has Lightsaber sound effects.

Whether you’re using this top piece of kit as an internet phone, a digital camera, a movie camera (great for trundling around the office filming what’s going on out of sight) or as a remote control security droid, the R2D2 Wireless Webcam is the most vital piece of equipment for every Jedi warrior.

Here’s the specs

R2D2 is both a wireless webcam with adjustable angles and a motorised ‘bot travelling forward, backwards and he even rotates as controlled by the remote.
R2D2′s remote is styled like Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and when you rotate the handle a control pad is revealed so that the lightsaber doubles as a Skype phone.
The lightsaber has light and sound effects from the films.
The lightsaber’s stand connects to your PC’s USB port allowing R2D2 to be controlled wirelessly.
The webcam is pre-loaded with R2D2 sound effects.
The webcam has a zoom in/out capability and a CMOS Sensor of 628 x 582 pixels.
The webcam works in both audio and video real time.
All software is provided and even enables R2D2 to be controlled from a second PC.
Suitable for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.
Requires 8 x AA Batteries (included), two USB cables, Installation CD, instruction manual.
Web cam 20 x 13 x 14cm
Lightsaber: 29 x 7cm.

This fun R2-D2 Wireless webcam is available to buy online for $538 from IWOOT.

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