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In the computer’s world , the gadgets that can help to solve and reduce some problems are very appreciated, even if some of them are pointless. The fact that they not have a special purpose don’t make them less cuter or less bought.

For example, this little rabbit, with a Wi -Fi implemented. The abstract idea of  blending an animal figure with some technology has been one of real accomplish. We all remember the robot dogs that could bark and do some flips in front, but we also remember that their actions and applications program was a bit restricted. Now, seeing this idea, the barking dogs looks like a doll for little girls and a piece of nonsensical waste of material.
Named Nabaztag, this rabbit can do a lot of cute and amazing things. It can carry weather informations, newspaper headlines, stock market’s variations. Using the feature from their site  home page making a simple step as a subscription, can bring in your home RSS feed, security market portfolio advices and electronic mail alerts.

Even that I am pretty fine with my keyboard, another gadget for my computer that impressed me it is this Virtual keyboard. It have a QWERTY system and can be used with your laptop or with your mobile phones that have an USB port. It will display your keys on any material and any surface, thanks to the laser lights. It will detect than, your finger moves and it will reproduce the exactly keys that you press on your display. For a more realistic effect, the person who use this gadget can control the sounds and set them as key clicks, piano claps or simply just turn them off. Also, you will be able to control and set the intensity level of the projected infrared light, helping you to prevent the eye harm or the radiation accumulation of your body.
It is easy to connect to an appropriate laptop or personal computer because of its USB port and it is pretty easy to adjust its sensitivity. Also, an important feature it is the property to conserve its battery life, by letting users to set the time outs. Based on appointed constants and parameters, it will allow the repetition of a key automatically.

Kids will love the next gadget but I am afraid that not only them. Make your long hours that you are spending on the office, a little more attractive and try this Street Mouse. In a funny way, its designers combined the technology with the visual effects and released a cool computer gadget, with a futuristic car form. If you adore to play with toys representing cars, but if it doesn’t  work with your boss’s tastes, you need to get this car instead of your classic mouse and you will be more than satisfied. It is very adequate to any computer activity because it have an 800 DPI optical pointer. It also have and some head lights that will let you lead the way when you are working in darken rooms and trying to make some drifts around your desktop’s corners. The only disadvantage is that you will be caught in the game’s fantasy as a professional driver and you will start to make some scratch noises which will may disturb your office mates or your boss.

If you are a gamer or a film addicted watcher, you will love this monitor too. At a deeper think I can use it whenever I work at my computer because I always think that I hate the size of my display. The Athens Olympic Monitor  overshadow any standard classic screen, at a simple compare. It have an unbelievable 19200 x 2400  pixels combining 5 high resolution LCD panels, flat of course, in an aluminum case, designed with style and slim lines, evidently made with the pro-gaming and other graphic programs idea in mind.
But size is not the only feature that will impress you. Also, this smart computer gadget have also the guaranty of a best HD quality, a high- expectation performance and some other features like a Blue Tooth port to help you eliminate the so annoying cables from your room.

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