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Bluetooth revolutioned electronics’ industry, almost 10 years ago, making transfers much easier to handle and facilitating the communication between devices. The range of applications which use Bluetooth is quite large and I liked very much how Bluetooth put a fingerprint on the international gadget market. I selected some Bluetooth gadgets and I would like to shortly describe them here. Who knows? Maybe you need them, or you are just a gadget fan looking for news in this field!

I liked very much a watch, which is water-resistant and which works together with your handset and it vibrates each time you get a new message or call. This allows you to control your music on your mobile devices too, but this watch isn’t compatible with a lot of Bluetooth phones, only with those which support A2DP technology. The Bluetooth wave has a 20 feet range and the battery lasts for five days. The  watch keeps time excellent even when the Bluetooth is shut down.

The Virtual Keyboard has been invented! It is available through a portable infrared device in combination with laser technology, and it can be projected on any surface. As you type on the projection, it analyzes what are you typing and it can do this by receiving the coordinates of the location of the key you touch. This keyboard comes with Palm adapters, and it can be connected to PocketPC, USB devices and Serial devices too. It has also a power cable, to charge the device. You can set up the sensitivity of the fingertips and modify the strength of the laser signal. I think that this is a very futuristic product and finally I can see how we are moving toward a more virtual-based products society.

The digital frame is no longer a new gadget, a new invention, but the normal version of digital frames, usually needed some classic file transfer methods. Either you had to use USB cable, or USB stick or a memory card, it was quite uncomfortable. Now you have the oportunity to send your pictures directly to the digital frame, through the air, or better said, by Bluetooth. The frame’s LCD can display images with resolutions up to 48 Megapixels, and you can change the slide show transition effects. It also has a clock, which can be displayed on the screen, and a calendar.


Lego Mindstorms NXT robot kit is the Bluetooth accessory which shows the great unlimited potential of this wireless technology. It provides lots of fun, and this Lego Robot is a group of gears, cams and electronic parts which can be put together and create robots responding to programs sent via Bluetooth.The robot has a brain, the NXT controller box, a 32 bit ARM processor, with 512 KB of memory. It also has a small screen, and of course the Bluetooth module. The producer says that it shouldn’t take your more than 30 minutes, but I think that 2 hours is ok for the first robot. After it is all done, you can tell it through wireless how to move, make noises, and pick objects with his claw. It can be programmed using the software on your computer. There is a window where you can drag the activities, and also customize the action. The instructions are sent to the robot in no more than few seconds up to 25 feet away.

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