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You can see the effects of the technological development almost everywhere, no matter how difficult it might be for you to imagine how something like this is possible. The truth is that technology appears wherever it is allowed to, without discrimination. Therefore, I don’t see any reason for you to be surprised of the unusual way that your kitchen environment is also affected by progress, becoming more spectacular than ever.


And, if you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with letting technology interfere in a universe that is more about art and design. But when you want to keep your food warm, while washing your hands and preparing the table for dinner, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if conductive plates would make their appearance in your kitchen.

What you should know is that whatever designs you might have seen up until today for conductive plates, they are all in the concept phase, but, on the other hand, the technology has what it takes to make them a dream come true. The +/- hot plate is a concept created by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow for a contest organized by DesignBoom, called “Dining in 2015”, and it’s based on a mixture between ceramic and modern technology.


“At a time when almost every object around us seems to suddenly get Smart, from MP3 jackets to GPS cars to smart bombs, it seems appropriate to take that age-old baked piece of mud that we like our ancestors eat off of – the ceramic plate, and fuse it with contemporary technological know-how. We use the conductive properties of silk-screened gold or Amorphic Metal films in the same manner printed circuit boards or car windshield defrosters work. Hook up the plate to an electrical source and the current will run through the “decoration” keeping food stuff warm”.

Ok, maybe the idea of having all sorts of cords in your kitchen, at the dinner table, isn’t what you would like most, but come on! This is too good to be true!

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