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Computers are now a part of our lives; we may have a desktop, a notebook or a laptop but everyone has a computer.

Computer gadgets can be found everywhere on the market and in the next lines we will present you some of them.

5 in 1 Multi Functional Speaker is a computer USB gadget. 5 in 1 means that this gadget is: a speaker, a microphone, a USB port hub, a webcam and a SD card reader. It can be connected to your computer or to an mp3 player and it work with AIM, Skype, iChat, MSN and more. The webcam has a maximum resolution of 1280×1024 and up to 30 frames per second at 640×480. You can control the following options for a better image: contrast, color saturation, gamma and edge improved. The card reader functions are: support MMC card/SD and USB 2.0.


The next computer gadget is USB 2.0 Designer HUB; it is able to transfer the data up to 480Mbps and it is easy to install – just Plug and Play. Is not only an USB, it is also an indoor thermometer able to display the temperature in Fahrenheit and in Celsius. The gadget has also a clock with a 5-music snooze alarm and it can display the calendar. You can find it in 3 colors: blue, green and orange, therefore you can choose the one that goes best with your computer.


Another clock gadget for your computer is Cup Warmer and USB Hub with Clock. This gadget is USB powered and it has a 4-port USB, a cup warmer and a clock with date. This is good at the office because it always keeps your coffee warm so you won’t have to go and buy a new one because the one you have got cold. The cup warmer has an insulation material for safety and red light tells you when the plate is active. The plate heats at about 50 degree Celsius and stays at this temperature to always have your tea or coffee warm.


The USB is the best way to transport information, it has a lot of memory space and it is very small. The problem with it is that the USB doesn’t offer protection for the information stored. If you lose it everyone can have access to the information. Now this problem in gone because you can have a USB Fingerprint Security Dongle. This USB has a sensor sensitivity of 508 DPI and you can encrypt the files with your fingerprint. You can use it also to encrypt drivers, or fingerprint authority is you want to visit web sites or to log on to your operating system.

When you work on your computer you use a lot your keyboard and sometimes it is getting dirty. Is takes a lot of time and nerves to clean it and at the end you realized that you didn’t do a great job. The next computer gadget is a Washable Flexible Silicone Rubber PC Keyboard, as the name says it, the keyboard is a washable one made of flexible silicon rubber that makes it easier to wash and clean. It is water and mildew resistant, doesn’t need installation just plug it into an USB port and it will work.


Optimus Maximus Keyboard is a standard keyboard with buttons that have a little screen.

The keyboard gives you the possibility to set a graphic on each button for any applications. It is a lot of graphics to set because the keyboard has 117 buttons and each one comes with a screen. This may be fun for the kids to play with, but we don’t find the purpose for that many screens.

The next gadget is also a keyboard, a virtual one. The display of the keyboard can put on any surface and it is able to detect the fingers movement as they touch the virtual keys. You are able to control the sensitivity and the intensity of the infrared keyboard and works with a laptop, PDA or mobile phone.

The next computer gadget is the computer itself – the case of the computer. It is produced by Thermaltake with the name Level 10. The case has a matte blank finish and it provides to every computer component its own ventilation. It comes with a locking mechanism so the only person who can open it is you. To have this 21 century case you will need to have 700 dollars because that is the price for it.


We talk about the computer’s case, the USB port, the keyboard but we haven’t talked about the mouse. The next computer gadget is a mouse, but not just any mouse – an 18 buttons mouse. The gadget is from OpenOffice and they ware able to put 18 buttons on a mouse. All of these buttons can be programmed; therefore you can put any functions you want. It you program all of them you will find yourself in a situation when you don’t know which button does what. And the buttons are very small, so you can always press 5 instead of 7 and every time you want to press a button you have to look at the mouse, now that not why the mouse is made – is made to control things from it while you are looking at your computer display not at the mouse.


Elecom gives us the next computer gadget. It is a magnetic Memory Card Reader; this means you can put it anywhere on the computer’s case or other metal objects.

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