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Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Chicago and iRobot have come up with the perfect robotic gripping device with the help of funds from DARPA. The best part about it is that it is a simple latex party balloon filled with ground coffee. The KONA makes use of a physical phenomenon called jamming transition. According to this, when particles (like coffee grounds) are so densely packed that they can no longer slide past each other, they behave like a solid. Also, when these particles are packed loosely, they act like a liquid. Based on this, a party balloon is filled with ground coffee and attached to a robotic arm. After this it presses down and deforms around an object, and then a vacuum sucks the air out of the balloon, solidifying its grip with just the right shape and pressure.

The vacuum is released when you let go and the balloon becomes soft once again. It isn’t limited like most other traditional robotic grippers are. Since it is so universal, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, from improving prosthetic limbs to dismantling explosives. After trying many particles, researchers decided that coffee is the best option.

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