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When you know there is way to slow down global warming, or even could help to cool down earth, would you even care to support such resolution?

A good news is, latest advise from Copenhagen Consensus Centre, a respected European think tank which used to be skeptic on climate change , urging countries in the world to start spending $9 billion in building 1900 cloud making machine in form of  ships like the one below to help generate clouds to cool down earth.


According to David Young, a panel member at Copenhagen Consensus Centre, this fully automated cloud making machine will absorb oceans water and spraying it into the skies. And according him, this sprayed oceans water will generate nuclei where cloud condenses around, which will help to create a bigger and whiter clouds, thus help to bounce back more sunlight into space – and of course result in lowering temperatures on earth.

This cloud making machine idea seems brilliant, but would the results of 1900 vessels would be able to help worsening climate around the globe? And most of all, is there any country willing to voluntarily take out their financial reserve to fund such a huge amount of project, even at current global financial crisis?

Again, this is a question of humanity, environmental issue and existence of human race in the global warming era.  Secure country’s financial or prefer to face global warming in an even faster pace?

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