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Micro Eyes DVR BallCamm is one of the coolest CIA spy gadgets you will find on the market. This is the first DVR camera that has the shape of a ball.  The camera inside this gadget is able to capture images at a resolution of 320 x 240 with 30 frames per second and it is motion activated. The camera has an internal memory of 128MB and can be upgraded to 2GB with a Micro SD Card. The applications of this CIA gadget can be various: you can use it in sports, in your vehicle as a security camera or for your personal security you can use it in your own home.

The Micro Eyes camera is able to record continuous for about 6 hours and the videos are in MPEG 4 format. You can edit and view the videos of your personal computer thanks to its included USB connector. The camera has rechargeable Li-Polymer battery and it comes with a price of $249.99.

If you want a CIA gadget you must have the newest technology in SIM Card Readers and this technology is provided by PhoneFile Pro SIM Smart Card Reader.

This is a very smart card reader because it is able to read almost any SIM card. This great CIA gadget is able to recover text messages and data from the SIM card.
The PhoneFile Pro allows its users to edit, delete, save and recover short messages and the phone book and you can even back up the information you want from your mobile phone to your computer. This is a useful gadget that will help you transfer the information from one mobile phone to another if you want to change your phone or to change the providers. PhoneFile Pro SIM Smart Card Reader is not cheap because it retails at $169.00.

SleuthGear Live Vehicle Tracker uses Real Time GPS and it is fully functional in Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and USA. This CIA gadget is able to update its position every 10 seconds and you can watch your car in real time using a web-based application. SleuthGear Live Vehicle Tracker has some great features like: stop vehicle and start vehicle reports, enhanced vehicle reports, individual vehicle reports, speed alerts. The gadget can send you the alerts and the reports via e-mail or a SMS text message.

Is a useful gadget for parents who want to keep an eye on their children when they are driving the car and it is also useful for: asset tracking, medical patient tracking, athletics tracking and most of all for your car’s safety because with this tracking device even if your car got stolen you can find it quickly.


SleuthGear Live Vehicle Tracker has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that has a life of 10 days at a single charge. The device’s server is able to keep 90 days of information on it, it hasn’t any external antennae or wires and it can operate between temperatures of  -22 degree F and 158 degree F. This CIA gadget doesn’t come cheap; you can find it at a price of $500.00.

PS2 Keyboard Logger is a nice gadget that is able to record and store every key pressed on a laptop or any other computer keyboard and it is also able to show you everything on a computer. It has an internal memory of 4MB which is enough to store almost half a million characters. The installation takes only a few seconds, all you have to do is put it into a PS2 connection. Once you have attached it to the connection it starts to record, you don’t have to press any button. It is very mobile because you can unplug it from one computer and retrieve the information to another and it doesn’t need any software for the installation.


This CIA gadget has many uses, for example can be used by employers if they want to monitor their employees and the ways they are using the company’s computers during work time, by parents to monitor their kids, if you are writing important documents and many more.


Black Media Pen is a CIA gadget that has great recording feature. The Media Pens come in 4 models depending on the memory thy have: 4GB, 2GB, 1GB and 512GB model. This is a useful gadget if you want to record a meeting, class lectures and you can also listen to music because it has a MP3 player feature. You can charge it through a USB port and you can download the data into a computer. The gadget comes with earphones, key chain and 2 pen refills (because it is a pen and you can also write with it). The price for this gadget is $130.00.

The pen above was an audio recorder and if you want a video recorder, you can try the next CIA gadget – the Pen Style Camcorder. This pen is a cool and small camcorder with 4GB of internal memory. The memory is enough to record for 30 hours and it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform. The video is in .avi format and you view what your gadget recorded on your personal computer using a USB port. The Pen Style Camcorder comes with USB cable, CD, instruction manual, key chain, car charger and A/C adaptor. You can find this nice and cool gadget on the Internet at a price of $200.00.


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