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A child in car reminder gadget prevents a tragedy from happening. A lot of tragedies of this type happen in US each year and each year dozens of children die in preventable errors because the parents forgot about their child in the car while they were shopping or performing other activities.

Many of you will say that bad nothing can happen to a child in a car if he/she is safe in the seat behind. Well that is not quite right, because the vehicle inside can heat up very fast and that heat can be fatal to the child.

If you want to prevent this tragedy from happening you can buy child in car reminder gadgets or you can try to be more careful and don’t forget your child in the car.

The ChildMinder System is a great gadget that monitors your child while he/she is in the child safety seat. This gadget is a smart clip that comes with a key ring alarm. The key ring alarm is so small that you can put it in the same place as your car keys, knowing that both are in the same place.
The ChildMinder System is not hard to install or to use. The system works on its own, all you have to do is to fastened the smart clip or activate it and if you walk more than 15 feet for the car where you left your child an alarm will ring in about 6 second.

This great gadget reduces considerably the situations when a child in left unattended in a car or any other motorize vehicle.

The ChildMinder System also has the possibility to perform a self-test; therefore you will always know when the system works and when it doesn’t. With this feature you will know that this child in car reminder gadget works properly.

The installation can be done in less than 3 minutes. All you have to do is to replace the chest clip from your child’s safety seat with the smart clip provided by the ChildMinder System and then put the key ring alarm on your key ring. Then you have to activate it and the work is done, and you will always be sure that you will not forget the child locked in the car.
As we said above, this child in car reminder gadget gives you 15 feet of free walk, so if you want to stop and withdraw some money from the ATM, you are free to do it without getting your child off the car is the ATM is close to your car.

This system will not compromise, damage or broke your child safety seat, therefore you are free to use on any car and any child safety seat.

This gadget comes with one lithium battery for your key ring alarm, one Smart Clip, 2 AAA batteries for the Smart Clip and the key ring alarm. It works thanks to the digital wireless technology and it has a self-off feature to preserve the batteries life time.

It is moisture resistant and comes with 1 year warranty at a price of $69.95.

If your child is an infant you can use the next child in car reminder gadget for a passive child safety. The gadget is called ChildMinder Infant Smart Pad Safety Seat Monitoring System a very long name, but it useful if you want to keep your infant in safety.

This is a passive monitoring system that comes with a key ring alarm and an Infant Smart Pad, if you need an extra key ring alarm you can order it separately.

The Infant Smart Pad must be placed under the cushion or between the cushions of your child’s safety seat. Once you have placed there the Infant Smart Pad monitors the safety seat and will be activated in the moment you place your child in the safety seat. The technology is the same with the one from the ChildMinder System which means that if you walk more than 15 feet from your car an alarm will sound. For this great system to work you have to place the key alarm unit to your car key ring.


The installation is very easy and you can do it in less than 3 minutes, the gadget has a low battery indicator, self deactivation feature and automatic self test feature.

It works thanks to the digital wireless technology and it comes with 1 year warranty at a price of $89.99. The package includes: one lithium battery for the key ring, 2 AAA batteries for the Infant Smart Pad, the key alarm unit and, of course, the Infant Smart Pad.

The Infant Smart Pad in custom made for each child, so if you want to order this child in car reminder gadget you have to indicate your child’s weight and age.

These children in car reminder gadgets will help remember that you have a child in your car and that you don’t forget him/her there because they can be easily forgotten.

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