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Animal House Monkey Peeler is a nice looking and a very cheap kitchen gadget. The gadget is 6-inch long and it can help you peel a lot easier your favorite vegetables and fruits. It is dishwasher-safe and it has a great bright orange color. The blade is made from stainless-steel and it has a non-slip and ergonomic handle. This cheap kitchen gadget offers you at a good price, good quality.  The gadget also will encourage your kids to help you out in the kitchen thanks to its monkey shape and nice color. This cool gadget also comes with a potato-eye remover and it is able to peel curved surfaces.

This orange monkey peeler will do a great peeling your potatoes and it is one of the best vegetable peelers you will find on the market at a price of $8.00

If you want a nice and cheap Kitchen Tools and Gadgets set you can try the set from Do It Best. This great kitchen set includes gadgets and 12 kitchen tools with rubber handles: vegetable brush, grater, peeler, pizza cutter, whisk, tong, slotted skimmer, slotted turner, ladle, pasta fork, slotted spoon, solid spoon and 2 simple spoons.


This kitchen gadget works nicely and it is easy to hang. If you use the pizza cutter, you have to be careful because it can brake but other than that this kitchen set has quality sturdy tools. You can find it on at $22.21.


Oxo Good Grips Pastry Scraper is made of stainless steel blade and it has a comfortable and wide rubber handle allowing you to have a good grip when you are chopping the vegetables. It is also great for measuring, crushing and scraping. It has a sturdy handle and it does a great job if you want to clean up the countertop. You can purchase it at a price of $9.95 and it is dishwasher safe.


Polder Digital Hourglass Kitchen Timer is another cool and cheap kitchen gadget. This gadget comes with a stopwatch and a 100 minute timer and it also has a 12/24 hour clock. It has a great design and a nice shape and it can be a cool gift idea. To change between timer and clock functions all you have to do is to flip it over. You can choose from 3 colors: black, silver and red. It works very well as a kitchen timer and it looks like a sand timer. A downside of this product is the fact that the display is hard to read and the time buttons are a stiff. A nice feature is the alarm which is loud and nice. You can find it on at $15.00.


Oven Rack Guard is a product made by JAZ Innovations. This kitchen gadget offers you a high and a real protection against burns in the kitchen. The gadget can protect you and your hands against accidental brushing or touching hot oven racks. The Oven Rack Guard is made from a special fabric which is developed and uses for and by the firefighters and it has the ability to slow down the heat transfer from the hot oven racks to your hands or your skin.  You can put it in the oven while you are cooking and you can easily remove it thanks to its snaps. If the guards get dirty you can wash them in your washing machine.


This is a great kitchen gadget and it will centrality spare you many kitchen burns.  You will receive two guards at each purchase. You can it from $24.62.

The Hamburger Patty Maker Set is a nice product from Cuisinart that will help you make nice shaped hamburgers every time you want. The kitchen gadget comes with 4 storage containers and you can wash it in your dishwasher. This product has a nice design and if you like small burger, the Hamburger Patty Maker Set is for you, because the containers have 3 inch in diameter and if you like your burgers to be bigger than that you should find another product.

It is easy to make burgers with this set, because the burgers come in a perfect shape and don’t mess your hands. The set is only $

MIU Stainless Steel Sponge Holder is a great kitchen organizer. This cheap kitchen gadget can hold almost any size sponge for your bathroom or your kitchen making them organized. The quality of the metal makes it safe to clean in the dishwasher. If you want a sponge holder that won’t rust, an attractive one and a cheap one this is the product for you at only $10.50.


Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer is the perfect kitchen gadget for perfect cooked eggs. Foe this gadget to work you will have to put it in your pan with the eggs, and the gadgets is able to calculate the cooking stages of the eggs, not by time, but by temperature – a feature that allows you to have hard, medium or soft eggs just the way you like

The gadget reacts to the heat as the eggs reacts to the heat, which is way this egg timer is never wrong. You will find this cool and cheap kitchen gadget on at a price of $5.99.


Microplane Grater/Zester is a kitchen tool excellent for hard citrus fruits, ginger, onions and hard cheese. It is made from high quality stainless steel and will be very useful in your kitchen. It has a large handle for a firm grip and it is hand washable only.  You can find it on at a nice price of $12.95 is a gadgets review with pics, graphics, photographs, images, videos, etcetera blog with users’ comments. The contents are uploaded by visitors or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including pics, graphics, photographs, images, videos, something like that.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The data offered by is for general information purposes only, and are property of their respective owners. These figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and such. have been collected from various public sources including different internet sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. The copyright of all the pictures, graphics, photos, images, videos, etc. published on this blog are the property of their respective owners. We have no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the internet site or the information, productions, services, or related graphics contained on the web site for any purpose. If you find any content, figures, graphics, photos, images, videos, and so on that you believe shouldn’t be here, send us a deletion notice.

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