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When it comes to the sources of inspiration designer use for the design of their devices, they seem to be part of a permanent battle that is to be won by the weirdest of them all. And the mobile phone that I’m about to present to you in the following lines is inspired from a wacky source, one that might not have crossed anyone’s mind ever before.


Anyway, the concept phone is called the Whiskey Cyon Phone. And yes, it’s inspired by the “delicious beverage”, which is, most probably, the designer’s favorite. Otherwise, I don’t understand why he decided to choose precisely the whiskey. It’s kind of weird, but we don’t have the right to judge anyone! It’s not like all cell phones should be inspired by perfumes, nature, little birdies and so on!

Created by Juyoung Kim, the concept phone is able to change its color in a twinkling of the eye. All you have to do is to ask someone to call you, from all over the world. You’ll see that the Whiskey Cyon is indeed chameleonic. This means that the phone can give you the information (not very precise, of course) about the person who calls you and the location of that certain person.


Therefore, if you’re talking to someone that lives and gives you a call from the same town as you, then the device will turn “mild whiskey”. If, on the other, the call is made from thousands of kilometers, then the color will change immediately to a darker shade.


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