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I have just hopped off my Qantas flight to Brisbane to report on CeBIT 2007 Sydney. This was my first CeBIT, and was there on behalf of the company I work for, but I also managed to spend a few hours checking out the show and the awesome gadgets and services on display. Last week I got my new phone, a Nokia N95, which is perfect for recording images, video and text, and navigating around Sydney with the integrated GPS. Nokia is doing a huge advertising blitz in Sydney to promote this new model, the bus-stop adverts show the phone displaying a map of the area around the bus-stop.



One of my favorite must-have gadgets form the show is the Altec Lansing iMV712 speakers. This mini theatre for your iPod that also sounds amazing, and is powered by two 3 inch speakers and a 4 inch subwoofer- and there is an 8.5 inch high-res display to watch your iPod videos on. The system also includes a remote to control your iPod, and is compatible with any dockable iPod, but I am guessing it works vest with the iPod video to take advance of the crystal clear display.


It was awesome to see the Sunswift project. This is multidisciplinary project led by students from teh University of New South Wales to develop a renewable energy vehicle, and taking solar cars to the point where the may be driven daily. Lat year the team entered the World Solar Challenge with Sunswift III, and crossed the finishing line first in their class. In January this year the students set out to break the transcontinental record from Perth to Sydney, which was the first solar car record ever set, and has been held for 14 years. They arrived in Sydney in only 5.5 days, almost halving the previous record of 8.5 days.


Another highlight was the massive 103 inch plasma 1080p HD display by Panasonic. This thing was amazing- watching High-def video on this thing is like looking at a life-size person, pores and all. The unit will set you back about AU$106,000. Wouldn’t it be great to come home and say to your husband "honey I got a new TV" and have this thing delivered (and an extension to the mortgage).

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One of the cutest gadgets was these apple speakers, these are not quite as cool as the Apple HiFi, but they come in two colours red and green. I also saw a banana shaped MP3 player which would be the perfect companion for these cute speakers. The same stall also had some a USB chiller to keep your drinks cold, but I guess they it could also keep your fruit fresh too.

top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-water proof phone cases

top-best-new-latest-cool-fun-coolest-technology-electronic-gadgets-gifts-spa girls

To follow on from Juergens previous post- Skins-mobile had a great stand. This product is a unique one- a device that protects your mobile from water, dirt, mud, paint, sweat, blood and snow, although I can’t think of too many situations where I would need to protect my mobile from blood. The stand had a fully operational spa pool, complete with girls bobbing about with their mobiles covered with this condom-like device, that you apply by unrolling it over your device, and then tying it in a knot. A few of the nearby stands were complaining to me that it was hard to compete against the girls in the pool.

Eyeclick has this fantastic interactive video projection. The video is projected onto the floor, and users can interact with the video by walikng on it. They had some cool demo apps including a soccer game, and crabs that nibbled at your feet as you walked across the projection, or the chance to walk on water across a fish pond that ripples under your footsteps.

Voice Perfect Systems demonstrated their voice recognition software that can be used to dictate to and command your windows computer (no native mac solutions unfortunately). This is a pricey, but very useful, accurate and intelligent piece of software to chat with and commantd your computer, and this would be great for blogging, IM, and email too. They also have specialist versions available for the medical and legal professions.


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